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"Carpet Bombing Prayer Campaign"

NOTE: Having been deeply moved by the present overwhelming need for supernatural support by so many, and since we have been so swamped with too many projects and tasks, we decided to put a couple of these book excerpts up before they've been through any phase of editing. These are very rough drafts with many errors and repeats. But we realize that some people's lives hang in the balance, and therefore Time is of the Essence. Years ago when we were in the worst of our crisis, I would have rather had immediate access to information like this than to wait for a more polished grammatically correct version to arrive. It may be a while, but we will eventually replace these with the finished products when they become available. We pray this will be helpful to those who are in a crisis.


When you launch a Full Blown “Carpet Bombing Prayer Campaign” (CBPC) against the power of darkness, you'll have their attention. And if you do it right you'll have VICTORY!

Several years ago, we had a major life tragedy that lasted seven years. Very early in that crisis, the Lord led us to use this as part of our strategy for victory. And it worked! Praise God!, we haven't needed to use a full blown campaign in more than sixteen years.

But to this day, we still call on these prayer lines every time we need help. And we partner with those ministries with our prayer and financial support. I want to make sure those prayer lines keep operating in case we ever need them again, and because I know there are multitudes who need them now, just like we did back then. The bottom line, after years of hardness, adversity, and warfare, WE WOULDN'T KEEP INVESTING OUR TIME DOING THIS, NOR OUR MONEY SUPPORTING IT;


Let me be clear, this does not take the place of one's involvement in a local fellowship of believers; nor were these ministries created to replace the local fellowship. In a perfect world, a CBPC works best as an adjunct to your relationships developed in your local church community. But we know this is not a perfect world. And I have learned the hard way that unforeseeable extraordinary circumstances can arise whereby for all intents and purposes the church is virtually non-existent; as it was for years in our case. So while a CBPC doesn't replace the local church community; in those rare situations where there is no church, this beats the alternative of standing alone.

We've all sat glued to our TVs listening to a story of some successful Special Forces Operation. We are amazed to see such a small team perform such almost super-human feats. Behind that team was a myriad of logistical support. It took hundreds, perhaps thousands to make it possible for that team to go in and perform so masterfully. In no way does it minimize their courage, talents, or performance. It just shows that we all need one another's support; and how a few in number can accomplish great things, with proper support.

God designed His Kingdom to operate that way. We need “ONE ANOTHER”. When a single one of us is pinned down behind enemy lines, the Lord intends for the rest of us to rescue them. Whether the “leaving the ninety-and-nine to rescue the stranded sheep”; or “The Good Samaritan helping a brother in need with his food, housing, and medical expenses; or the Father opening His heart to “The Prodigal Son”; Jesus made it clear the Father's central focus leaves those who are doing well, and turns to the one who is hurting, even when they made their own mess. The lesson for us is to follow the Father's example. No one can follow Jesus without following the Father.

It is the hireling who will not rescue the lost sheep!

It is the Pharisee who abandons the wounded brother

and ignores him as if he doesn't exist!

It is the jealous brother who resents the miscreant son

receiving the Father's forgiveness, love, and affection!

We know that in the “Last Days”, masses of church folks are going to have “a form of godliness” but not actually follow God. Therefore, God may have to send in special HRT teams to extract His troops, or rescue His servants being held hostage, from behind enemy lines. That is how I view the CBPC's role in our crises years ago. I believe CBPC will work for anyone who applies it pursuant to scripture, and refuses to give up.

The following is how I broke it down, and how I teach people to obtain the maximum benefit and VICTORY, from the telephone prayer ministry. Today, there is no valid reason for a Christian to be defeated by the power of darkness. The prayer lines I will refer to here are effective, and those who operate them are highly skilled spiritual warriors. It should be no surprise that the enemy doesn't want you facilitate their services. As stated, if you do it right and never give up, I believe you'll have your VICTORY! The reason I called the overall warfare strategy a “Carpet Bombing Prayer Campaign” should become obvious.

Parenthetically One Essential Point I must Make!

When we were poisoned in our home over twenty years ago, as many of you know we lost our house, virtually all our possessions, and we were left homeless. 

Within a couple of weeks we were forgotten and abandoned by most of our church friends, except for maybe four or five brethren. 

I was my wife's sole care giver 24/7, for over four years. We were nearly a thousand miles from our nearest relatives, and again, left with less than half a dozen remaining faithful friends. 

The worst of our tribulation lasted seven years. It was a long lonely haul. 

But praise God He got us through it!

When we finally came up for air on the other end of it all, I realized some very important truths. 

  • Had it not been for TBN
we would have had no church.

  • Had it not been for Charles Carrin Ministries, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, the 700 Club, Rhema Bible Training Center, Oral Roberts University, and Charles Capps Ministries, and Jerry Savelle,
we would have had no prayer.  

  • Had it not been for audio cassettes and video teaching aids, 
 we would have had no spiritual food.  

Think about that when you give!

But I digress....

How to Launch a Full Blown Campaign

The “Carpet Bombing Prayer Campaign” (Campaign) involved three levels of intensity: the first level was for typical problems; the second level was for seriously urgent matters, where a delayed answer posed a risk of unacceptable consequences, or where time was of the essence; and the third level was for extreme cases such as medical emergencies, extreme financial crises, or matters of legal importance.

"Storm the Lines"

First level was “Storm the Lines”. That is when we would simultaneously storm the telephone prayer lines of seven ministries. I called them “The Big Bad Seven”. They were Carrin, KCM, Rhema, Capps, Savelle, ORU, and CBN.

"Call in Air Strikes"

Second level was to “Call in Air Strikes”. The Lord led me to five people who I knew had the highest cruising ceiling of any supernatural fighter pilots I was aware of today. I called them “The Big Guns”, and sometimes "My Top Guns".

After months of exhausting daily prayer sessions, typically lasting several hours each, the Lord led me to four ministry leaders who I knew walked in extraordinary faith. He helped me obtain direct private fax numbers for each of them. Since their plates were already full, I would only bother them in the most urgent crises. Usually, I would scrawl out an urgent prayer request, and then fax it to each of them simultaneously. The Big Guns were my evangelist friend in South Florida, Charles Carrin; Ken & Gloria Copeland; Kenneth E Hagin; and Happy Caldwell. That was what I aptly named “Call in Air Strikes”. 

Note: Brother Hagin's response to the last fax I ever sent him is something I now cherish. For a very long time we kept it on our refrigerator door; a reminder of his wise counsel.

Looking back, it's amazing that I could obtain the fax numbers of such high level ministry leaders. This was before search engines like Google, internet websites, etc. This was in the “Fax Age” (WOW that sounds prehistoric!), "facsimile" was only a couple of years old. In the early 1970s, I worked at top levels along side tent preachers, as well as one of the largest radio evangelist ministries in the country of that time. International ministry leaders must maintain a certain level of insulation, in order to have any time to seek the Lord. So I know how impossible it would be for me to naturally get those direct private fax numbers, without God leading me, and causing them to show me favor. But I was grateful for each.

"Carpet Bombing Prayer Campaign"

When it was a bona fide emergency crisis, I would “Storm the Lines” and “Call in Air Strikes”. That was the full blown “Carpet Bombing Prayer Campaign”. Brother it worked. Boy, did it ever work.

For the worst of the seven years of our tribulation, scarcely a week passed that we didn't have a crisis that forced us to call the prayer lines at Carrin, KCM, Rhema, Capps, Savelle, ORU, and CBN. I called them “the big bad seven”, and my warfare tactic “Storm the Lines”, or “stormin' the prayer lines”.

Televangelism's Best Kept Secret

For years I've said that I could be “Exhibit A” in the case for using television and radio for ministry. My claim is based on "personal life saving experience" with "television & radio ministry" (TRM), and those who traffic in them.

The strategic operation plan God gave me worked more effectively than I would have predicted. Remember, this was before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, before everyone had websites, emails, smart phones, etc. This was in the era of the facsimile, or “fax” machine; you know, “the fax age”, in other words “the stone age”. With today's technology, when planning a warfare strategy against the power of darkness, the options should be nearly endless; as long as Jesus Christ is the criteria, the only celebrity, and the only one who gets the glory.

We went through a 7+ year crisis that was on a par with about any major disaster I've ever seen covered by network news. In fact, I have never personally known anyone to have gone through so much, for so long, and suffer so much loss, the way we did. I'm not whining here, but merely stating a fact truthfully before God, and to demonstrate what He actually brought us through and delivered us from. To start out with so much as we did, it's almost unbelievable that we have ended up with so little.

The initial event that began the 7+ year crisis was financially devastating, left us homeless, and nearly helpless. Within a couple of weeks after, with very few exceptions we were forgotten, and then abandoned by our local church community. My wife was bed-ridden for four years, and I was her sole care-giver, 24/7. Her health was so fragile, she could not care for herself, nor be left alone.

These circumstances made working and attending church prohibitive; for a long time. I learned something about what people must endure in foreign countries, where the practice of Christianity is illegal, or heavily persecuted. When you can't experience church for long periods, you realize how valuable it really is to your walking in victory. The "Rumor Mills" were churning, and "Gossip" was swirling throughout the church community like a whirlwind, adding insult to injury.

For decades I have shouted from the house tops, had it not been for TBN, we would have had no church, no corporate praise, no bible teaching, nothing. Until you cannot go to church, you cannot fully know how it affects you. Then to have brethren who do not understand what you're going through judge you, only worsens the pain.

Let me be clear, christian television is no replacement for the local church. But when there is no church, or you cannot make it to church, and the church refuses to come to you; in our case, christian television is way better than the alternative, no church.

It enhances the importance of christian television's presence in places where there is no church, because practicing christianity my be illegal, it is still unevangelized, or it's underground. Support it!!!

While christian television is not a replacement, no soldier would choose to live on K-Rations (or MRE today) indefinitely. But when you're pinned down in a fox-hole long enough, and you are starving, and someone breaks out the K-Rations, C-Rations, MRI, MRE, what ever you want to call them, you open up that pouch and it will dazzle your senses like a porter-house steak. That is what christian television is to the shut in, an MRE, survival meal. Christian television is some starving soul's only survival food. It may be what stands between spiritual death and eternal life for them. That alone makes it worth supporting.

In these last days, NEVER underestimate the importance of christian television! It is a way to get Jesus Christ into a living room where no Christian can yet go. And even if you feel YOU don't need christian television, somewhere out there, a shut in, someone stricken on a bed of affliction, someone lost and in despair, or someone who's been abandoned like we were does need it, perhaps desperately, so PLEASE SUPPORT IT!

Strategic Planning

Early in the crisis, the Lord gave me a winning strategy. I called the overall warfare strategy a “Carpet Bombing Prayer Campaign”. ; The most common tactical application was what I called “Storm the Lines”. That was when we would call who I coined back then as "The Big Bad Seven" with our prayer needs, all in immediate succession. The Big Bad Seven were:  Carrin, KCM, Rhema, Capps, Savelle, ORU, and CBN. If you find yourself in a crisis, I would highly recommend finding your own support team, and then using this tactic. We did it "in faith believing", and it Really worked.

Had it not been for these prayer ministries, we would've had virtually no prayer support.

"Calling in Air Strikes"

Another strategy reserved for extreme and urgent crises, I coined “Call in Air Strikes”. That was where I would write out a brief urgent prayer request, and then personally "mass-fax" directly to Charles Carrin; Ken and Gloria Copeland; Happy Caldwell; and Kenneth E. Hagin. I feel certain we would not be here today had we not executed both those strategic plans, as needed.

I no longer have any of these ministries' fax numbers, and I don't know whether anyone uses faacsimile anymore. So to fully implement this strategy, you may have to adapt to the times and obtain other contact information and methods; e.g., Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sources.

Due to our extraordinary calling, and the inordinate degree of testing, the Lord almost miraculously provided me with the direct fax numbers. He instructed me to do this when in certain levels of crisis. I would scrawl out a brief prayer request marked "Urgent!" Then I'd fax it directly to those four ministry heads. More than once the devil tried to kill us. The "effectual fervent" aggressive "prayer of faith" tirelessly rendered by these precious people saved our lives. There is no doubt in my mind that is true. I referred to those "mass-fax" prayer requests as “Call in Air Strikes” on enemy forces.

In Desperate Times

Nearly thirty-five years ago, in response to God's directive we removed all our safety net and launched into so-called "Full Time Ministry". My wife and I sold virtually everything, our successful business, relinquished our equity in our home, and consolodated our assets and invested it all to launch the ministry. Soon we moved to Nashville, Tenneessee to plant a church. Extreme adversity and protracted poverty forced me to return to the music business, specifically to songwriting as my “Tent Making”; pursuant to Acts 18:3, et al. And we endured untold adversity while I was getting re-established on Music Row as a successful songwriter.

Finally, when I was established, signed to a major publishing company, and we had recovered from the poverty ministry had caused; we could finally live solely off my royalties. So I kept my promise to the Lord to return to ministry. Then all hell broke loose again. To cite everything that happened to us would be voluminously prohibitive for this article. Suffice to say, we were undone.

The center-piece of satan's attack against us was “we were poisoned in our home”. When the dust settled, we had lost our house, our careers, our good credit, our reputations, and worst of all our health. My wife would be bed-ridden for four straight years. Beside losing our house, we lost virtually everything tangible we had acquired in 44-years of life, all due to contamination. Nearly everything we had was piled-up at the curb, six feet high and the width of the property; awaiting trash pickup. The devastation was very much like what we see on television news reels in the aftermath of floods, storms, earthquakes, and other major disasters.

But ours was one isolated case. There was no news media to broadcast it. No president or governor declared our home a disaster area, though it was as much a disaster as any other we've witnessed on television. No government agency or non-profit came forth to help. Insurance covered absolutely nothing except a fraction of the medical bills. And within a couple of weeks, all but 2-3 of church friends had pretty much abandoned us.

Within a couple of months, less than a half-dozen church friends would even return our phone calls anymore. We were a thousand miles from our nearest relative.

Due to fragile health issues, we could not attend church for a long time. Suddenly, the church's excuse for not helping us was because we weren't in church (growing up in both the Pentecostal and Branham churches, I'd never seen shut ins treated this way). No local church we called would come to us with any consistency. A few individual believers from other churches would come to help from time to time (only when we called them). But after a couple of visits they would fade out of site. This was tough, and it was lonely. Every few months or so, one brother would bring me cassette tapes of his sermons. One tape stands out where he called out the names of several other men in his congregation saying, “John, Bob, Bill, I need you, we all need each other....” I cried out to God, “Lord how can they not see that we need one another too?”

But for seven years, the only church we had was TBN. We were now members of an invisible and forgotten congregation I call “The TBN Fellowship Gathering”.

Had it not been for TBN, we would have had to live solely on the old canned food we had stored up for years, i.e., cassette tapes and CDs.

So anyone who wants to bash TBN, take it somewhere else! As I've said for years, "my ears are not garbage cans, so please don't dump your garbage in them". You probably wouldn't like how I might respond! I don't want to have to go through unnecessary repentance. And I'm not eager to be the one God uses again to strike another critic. So please spare both of us a lot of mess and grief and keep your mouth shut!

We kept the prayer lines "lit up" of ministries like Charles Carrin (Carrin), Kenneth Copeland (Copeland), Charles Capps (Capps), Jerry Savelle (Savelle), Rhema Bible School (Rhema), Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), and for quite a while Oral Roberts University (ORU). Their prayer lines were what kept our faith up, and held the devil down.

Every time we would “Storm the Lines”, we did it "in faith believing", and it Really worked.

Come to the Hunt Loaded for Bear

A little tip here, before you call these prayer lines. An outline will help you and your prayer warrior make the most of your prayer time, and assure you cover every point. If you don't have one, at least scribble out this simple three point outline, on paper:

  1. Crisis (what is the devil doing to you),

  2. Circumstances (what limitations and obstacles hinder you), and

  3. Objective (what do you want God to do for you).

Think prayerfully and try to distill each point into one or two sentences. If necessary, write it out longer the first time. Then whittle it down point by point. Just try to end up brief.

This will enable the prayer warrior to spend more time ministering to you in prayer and word, and less time with you telling them your story.

You may need to tell your story out loud to someone, that's understandable. But try to find another outlet for that. But these prayer warriors only have a certain amount of time for each call, because there are so many others waiting in line with needs just as urgent as yours. So MAXIMIZE your time with them, and PLAN YOUR CAMPAIGN STRATEGICALLY.

Keep a pen and paper handy when you call the prayer lines. Especially if you call Copeland, and Rhema. Because the prayer warrior will almost certainly give you scriptures to stand on, the Holy Spirit may speak through them, and possibly other experience wrought wisdom and counsel. You do not want to lose what the Spirit speaks through them, so don't depend on your memory. So I suggest either a recorder you can dictate into, or a pen and paper; and ask them to repeat if necessary. You must have some way to memorialize their ministry to you. Remember, what they give you in word or prayer may be the key to get you through the crisis. Note the time and date, and if possible the name of your prayer warrior.

Finally, turn it into a prayer journal. How I wish I had done a better job of journaling. We were jumping from one fox hole to the next, under heavy enemy and friendly fire. So there wasn't much time for journaling with us. Having it all written down makes it easier to keep track of. Write the dates and times you call, as well as when the answer to each individual prayer comes. Later on, you'll be glad you did.

Years later, when you review your journal, when you see all the things He has brought you through, and all the mighty deliverances, your faith will soar even higher. It will amaze you. It will silence the enemy! You may find yourself spontaneously bursting into praise to God. Psalm 8:2 is clear, He imposes silence on the avenger and destroyer when His children praise Him. Jesus quoted that Psalm to the Pharisees, and it quieted them. The enemy would love to make you forget those past deliverances and make you think God has forgotten you. A prayer journal is a good weapon to silence that lie. And, this is ammunition for your testimony, to be forever used against the enemy. What better way to get even with him than to keep reminding him of what all God has done for you? So let God build your testimony, then use it as a weapon; punish the forces of darkness with it for as long as you have breath! That's it, praise the Lord, and punish the enemy! And if God did it for you once, He'll do it for you again! He does not change!

Remember this, when the devil attacks he's playing for keeps, he's trying to destroy you. So don't under-estimate his objective. But don't fear him either. Jesus Christ has already defeated him, holds all power over him, and all believers have access to that power. The only way the devil can make you lose is to trick you into some form of "self-sabotage" or by deceiving you to give up. If you follow the Word and the Spirit, you cannot help but win!

Never dread the enemy's challenge. It is an honor that any child of God is perceived as a threat sufficient to warrant targeting. Can you imagine any special forces operator being chosen for a mission and responding with, "oh no, man I can't believe I gotta go on this thing...not this again...why me..."? Not, they jump at the opportunity. They are excited to try their skills and prove their worth. They know out of it will come rewards, citation for bravery, promotion, etc. View every crisis or challenge like a special forces operator, see it as an opportunity to prove yourself for promotion, and glorify your Mighty Deliverer, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Don't say to yourself, "oh no, not again!" Make the devil say that about you! As I used to tell people when prepping them for healing and deliverance, "don't dread the devil, make him dread you!" But look at it as a mission where you get the chance to prove yourself as an elite soldier, fighting on the winning force. Remember, while the devil is trying to neutralize you, God is using it to build your testimony! Let God build it huge, miraculous, glorious! Then use your testimony as an instrument of torture, to punish the power of darkness for the rest of your life!

I reiterate, during those seven years, TBN and these prayer lines were what kept our faith up, and held the devil down. So, please don't go around saying negative things about these ministries, at least when you're around me; for all the aforementioned reasons. Just consider me a walking "No Dumping Sign". And for the record, I know they're not perfect, and doubtless they know that too; but then again, neither are you!

Parenthetically Speaking

Let me say here parenthetically, it is not my purpose here to plug these ministries; though they deserve plugging! I'm not hooked up with any of them. I gain no benefit from them for writing this. It is highly unlikely they will ever read this, or anything else I ever write. Remember this, I'm unknown to billions of people. And if I wrote any of these ministries, it would be just like if you wrote them. They'd probably never actually receive it; and if so, they'd probably never read it; and if so, they'd probably never respond to me. So I have no ulterior motive in writing this.

But I know of no better prayer ministries than these. They are an invaluable source for those who are sick, oppressed, hurting, shut in, abandoned, or in a desperate crisis. And I am sharing this to show those of you who are in desperate situations like we were,


This is simply an excerpt of my testimony for that period of my life. It is given to help readers. It is also intended to show my gratitude toward all these people who didn't know us, yet stood with us in prayer when no else would. I could never repay my debt of gratitude. Nothing more, nothing less. I gain nothing here, but in Christ.

Telephone Prayer Line Ministry

Too often, the “telephone prayer line ministry” is viewed as being on a par with a recorded inspirational message. Nothing could be farther from the truth! With the above referenced ministries you get live, often highly skilled “professional prayer warriors”, and their personal attention. These people have become highly skilled warriors in what they do. You don't get that in a pre-recorded prayer message.

Think about it this way, if you were being held hostage, who would you prefer did the rescue, local police, or a U.S. Special Forces Team with advanced HRT training? Well these folks do this so much each day, that they do become like Special Operators in this unique area of ministry. You will usually find they are skilled in the Word, mature in their Walk, and STRONG IN THEIR FAITH!

Let me interject this point here. Don't underestimate the power of a pre-recorded prayer message, either. I remember back in the early 1970s, I was going through a tough battle with the enemy.

Sometimes the devil and I have some ferocious fights. If you doubt that, review all those supernatural signs articles. Don't think the enemy doesn't train his special weapons on and against those to whom God manifests such tangible supernatural signs. Most church folks wouldn't believe what the devil does when fighting me personally and privately. He used to do that to Brother Branham, as well. When you drive out some demons, they are so angry! Sometimes they will come back at you. In that case, you'd better know what you're doing!

But that night in the early 1970s, I was a young preacher fighting an enemy determined to destroy me. And I was so exhausted and discouraged. I called the only full-Gospel national prayer line available back then, Oral Roberts. It was Oral's pre-recorded prayer, a very simple general prayer. It was from his heart, and anointed by God. It touched me so powerfully that I called it three times in a row that night. When you're hurting enough, you'll do what it takes to get a break-through. I got my break-through that night!

So never underestimate the effectiveness of a pre-recorded prayer by an anointed servant of God. How many times have I been touched, even healed when hearing cassette recordings of Brother Branham, et al, praying a healing or deliverance prayer? It works! If you know how the spirit world works, you'll understand why those anointed tapes work.

Praying with a live anointed professional warrior is better

One time, soon after we were poisoned, we were traveling home from another state. We had taken my van for the trip. Since my wife was bed-ridden, I had outfitted the van with a bed for her. An old music producer friend, Barry Beckett had bought the van for me a few years earlier, as a Christmas gift. I had nearly worn it out. Anyway, the engine blew about half-way home. A preacher friend in South Florida found out about our crisis and called a Christian doctor he knew in that city, and asked him to help us. The doctor and his wife gave us refuge, welcoming us into their home. But after a couple of weeks, we needed to get home. But the devil had determined to keep us pinned down in a fox-hole. The city was going to fine me a lot of money if I didn't remove the van, immediately. I couldn't afford a new engine. Due to that city's environmental laws, I couldn't have afforded to even dump the van.

We had been praying, standing, and trusting the Lord to deliver us. But the devil just sat there stubbornly, and wouldn't move an inch. It was one of those situations where our prayers alone weren't enough. God wanted to do something there; He was busy building a testimony!

Remember when Jesus healed the blind man (John chapter 9)? “...His disciples asked, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus shocked them by answer neither sinned! He was born blind that the works of God might be made manifest in him. God was building a testimony for that man! Do you think that after all that, the man didn't have a testimony worth shoutin' about? Let God do that for you!

Anyway, back to the story. Then one night after serious desperate prayer, the Lord spoke. He led us to “Storm the Lines”. As stated, we did that in every crisis, and the results were astounding. So the next morning we initiated "the storm"  Carrin, KCM, Rhema, Savelle, ORU, CBN, and Capps (Brother Capps had the sweetest little lady manning his prayer line back then...she was so gentle and soft-spoken, yet a power-house of faith...I know she gave the devil chills with some of those prayer she sent up on our behalf...I sorely miss her).

Within two hours of "the storm", a man contacted me out of the blue wanting to buy my van. He had just moved there from Israel. He somehow heard in the rumor mill about my van quitting on me. He needed my particular model van with its optional equipment for a specific purpose on his new turkey farm. He bought the van sight unseen, in spite of the blown engine, for $200.00. That was a huge loss for me, financially and sentimentally. But it was better than being fined, or being forced to dump the van. Most importantly, it was an answer to our prayers.

About an hour later, a local Baptist pastor called (also out of the blue) and volunteered his wife and son to drive us home to Tennessee in their van, without charge.

Then our preacher friend in South Florida committed to pay for the gas and all other expenses for the trip. I wasn't supposed to know it, but accidentally overheard how when they took us in initially, my preacher friend told them “...please help them...whatever it costs, I'll pay for it....” I cannot describe what that did for us, after all we had been through, and all the rejection and abandonment. WOW! God was building a testimony.

We went from absolute grid-lock to total break-through, in two hours, or less.

I could spend hours telling what God did

I could spend dozens of hours sharing the memories of how many times we desperately needed a miracle, and how effectively “Storm the Lines” and "Call in Air Strikes" worked. Each time victory came. It wasn't always within two hours, but it ALWAYS came!

After my experiences, it would be impossible for me to over-recommend KCM, Rhema, CBN, or those other prayer lines. I don't imagine Carrin Ministries is equiped to handle a callin prayer-line anymore. The fact that they all provided prayer lines for so many years, that alone makes their ministries worthy of your support. Let me tell you why, especially at KCM and Rhema.

KCM has the most highly trained prayer specialists I know of. By all appearance, it is run as efficiently, and as disciplined as any military organization. In fact, the leadership at KCM and Rhema (as do I) treat spiritual warfare as an actual real war; just not against flesh and blood. Those manning the prayer lines are truly professional warriors bristling with faith. And they know how to pray the word over your situation. And they follow up on you to be sure you made it through your crisis; and to see whether you need more prayer. Who else in ministry anywhere on earth does that???

And Rhema runs a close second to KCM, with CBN following up at third place. I thank God for all of them upon every remembrance!

Believe me, when you are in a crisis, their help is invaluable! So support these ministries, even if you don't agree with every little jot and tittle of their doctrines. If you ever need them, you'd better hope they are still there! The warriors we've encountered there have been exceptional! To this day, we still call them when we need them. And we support them financially; so they'll be there, and because we believe in what they do! So you all support them too!

When you're alone in a crisis, and you're surrounded by hearts that have waxed cold, I know of no better resource for prayer support than the aforementioned ministry prayer teams.


...Like Jesus, I have acquired a priceless collection of critics over the years...I hope my critics' opinions will not matter to you; just as your critics’ opinions don't matter to me....” times, I’ve been tempted to pray for God to remove some of them...but when it comes to such rare collectibles as these, one really hates to break up a set....”


- GERRY PHILLIPS - 1955-2015