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"Hands of Fire"
Prophecy and Photograph
Why was the sign given?

June 1995 (exactly - twenty years after being caught away and forty years after the Stigmata), another supernatural experience occurred. It was the manifestation of a prophetic word given four months earlier; a sign to confirm that word's validity. That sign remains to this day, and is shown in the photograph below.

It is curious yet not coincidental that the Stigmata, being Caught Away, and the Hands of Fire signs each manifested in June, twenty years apart. So June, 2015, tops another Twenty Year Cycle. But I digress.

While attending a Christmas party in December, 1994, I was asked what would be my News Year's Resolution. I responded, “...I don't make those anymore....” Then suddenly I blurted out, “...but as soon as the holiday feasting is done, I'm going to seek the Lord in fasting and prayer...I'll get a hold of God if it costs me everything I have....” 

That may well be the most stupid phrase I have ever uttered. Because that is nearly what it cost me; everything I owned. If you heard my testimony in chief, you would see what I mean.

So on January 3, 1995, with all the holidays behind me, I began seeking God in earnest. Then the devil began his interference campaign. My wife strained her back while making our bed. Then our water line sprung a leak underneath a portion of a concrete slab. Then the engine on my pickup truck caught fire and seized up. Knowing these acts fit the enemy's MO, these were not coincidental. So, I pressed on.

After a period of time seeking God (around mid-February'95), I received a prophetic word from Him. It was about a future ministry promised to me CONDITIONED UPON MY OBEDIENCE TO HIM!

Let me say here, I am not one who goes to and fro carelessly slinging phrases like, "...God told me...."; or "...the Lord showed me...."; or "...Thus Saith the Lord...."Those who know me know this is true. 

Since the mid-1970s, I have proclaimed that "time is a prophet's best friend, and a false prophet's worst nightmare", and that is true. If anyone doubts what I aver here, click here "The Prophetic", or the link so named, in the Supernatural Signs and Experiences panel at the top of this page. Read those samples of prophecies the Lord has given spoken through me. 

When I make such a claim it is done prayerfully, thoughtfully, and purposefully. It comes based on many decades of study and spiritual experiences; and from issuing prophetic utterances, regarding events that often made international headlines, with 100% accurate fulfillment. How many televangelists can honestly make that claim? 

That is not boasting anything about me, but of the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't have the intelligence to see into the future, nor the power to make prophetic utterances come to pass. It's all Him! But it does vindicate me as His servant. He chose me, I didn't choose Him; why He did so I do not know. I would not have chosen me!

The revelation began with the phrase "...if you will be obedient, I will give you a ministry like no other...." Then I saw full page newspaper adds challenging the proverbial priests of Baal (the critics of true Christianity, and my critics within the church), to " in a neutral place...." I have come to call it “My Mount Carmel Challenge”. The newspaper add continued with, “...Let them call on their God, and I will call upon the Lord, and let the God who answers be God....” I had not seen or heard of anything like this since my spiritual father in the faith, William Branham (BroBran) was still here.

BroBran had his share of critics, people twisting his teachings, accusing him of denying the Trinity, and all manner of false accusations. 

But sometimes they would go so far as to fill out a prayer card, and go onto the platform posing as a sick person. They would attempt to trick BroBran in front of an audience of thousands.

Never once did that end well for them. Sometimes, when they came into proximity, they would actually physically feel the presence of the Angel of the Lord. He always stood next to BroBran in those meetings. By that time, they would come to their senses and chicken out.

But some came in such arrogance, such self assurance, and so determined to trick BroBran, their conscience was seared. They could not feel anything. It was very much like when the Pharisees tried to entrap Jesus. So by the time some critics sensed the angel's presence, they had already gone too far. It was not unusual for them to fall on their faces, grab the cuffs of BroBran's trousers, and beg for mercy. By then it was too late, the Spirit had already spoken. Some were hauled out of the meetings, often crippled for life. Sometimes, years later BroBran would get letters from them, begging for mercy. But it wasn't BroBran who they had challenged, who they had insulted, nor who they had blasphemed. It wasn't BroBran who struck them.

A NOTE ABOUT BROBRAN: In my teachings you may find I refer to BroBran freely. I refer to him as my spiritual father in the faith. I do not preach William Branham, I preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified! And I don't put my brain on a shelf for anyone! I do not accept any teaching that does not match my understanding of scripture!

But I have had the good fortune of knowing a little Greek, and a little early church history. I have owned and used Big Kittle (10-volume) since 1979. In the early 1980s, I made a New Year's Resolution to use my A.T. Robertson's big 1528 page Greek Grammar as my daily devotional. Anyone familiar with New Testament Greek (NTG) should know the enormity of such an undertaking. I lasted less than a month. I love NTG, and my nature is to study scripture with a high-powered microscope. But it quickly turned from devotional, to exhaustive, to exhausting. And so I returned to simple prayer and scripture for my devotional time; and I leave the academic tools for my expository studies. To my knowledge, that was the last New Year's Resolution I ever made. For roughly four decades or so I've used A.T. Robertson, Edersheim, Scroggie, Brown-Driver-Briggs, Ante Nicene Fathers, Gibbons, the Colonel, and a myriad of other invaluable university level sources. Yet with all that, I have a greater reverence than ever, for BroBran's consecrated life. And I hold BroBran to be equal or greater in understanding of the Word, than any of the aforementioned scholars. This is a carefully thought out position, and the result of immeasurable prayer and study.

BroBran was not well educated, and as a result was often misunderstood. Some of us took the time to get familiar with how he taught. Over the decades, we learned his unique word usage, imagery, and phrasing. We also learned that his teachings agree more often than not, with all the aforementioned scholars. In fact, I was surprised to see how often the great scholars confirmed so much of what BroBran actually taught. We also learned that just because God has not fully unveiled something to us "YET", that BroBran taught, does not mean he was wrong, or that we should reject it. 

No one gets a free pass with me concerning error or heresy. Those who know me can confirm that I am meticulous and highly critical regarding doctrinal issues. God put that nature in me, and one day I will account to Him for how I have handled it. But after so many decades, I have learned the wisdom of holding my fire, especially regarding those things BroBran taught. Some of his teachings "are" unusual. But when one understands BroBran, they find that none of his views are any less plausible than the popular views held by any of the aforementioned great scholars.

I refuse to sever my sacred bond with BroBran just because a few knuckle-heads foolishly deified him, or held his teachings as infallible, or went about baptizing in the name of William Branham, or twisted his words to say things BroBran neither said or meant. Scripture tells us that people twisted Jesus' teachings, made Paul their idol, and even baptized in the name of Paul.

None of those things change how I feel about Jesus, or Paul. Nor does what ignorant fools do, change my feelings about BroBran. 

But one brother in that following made an interesting observation and asked, "...can you imagine living so much like the Lord Jesus Christ, and having Him work such miraculous signs through you, that people begin to mistake you for the Lord Jesus Christ?" Then he asked, "...when was the last time someone mistook you for the Lord Jesus Christ, that way?" Point well taken, brother Green.

Back to the Hands of Fire narrative

The revelatory word continued, affirming the conditionally promised ministry. And that as an earnest or token to confirm this conditional promise, I would be given a sign, “Hands of Fire.

When I shared this with my wife and one of my preacher buddies, neither believed I had heard from God.

My wife thought that possibly it resulted from my love for BroBran and his huge influence on my life. Perhaps I had projected upon myself some latent desire for that kind of ministry.

But the fact is, I had never done that. I knew intimately the terrible price Brother Branham paid. I didn't want the restrictions on my life that his gift imposed upon his way of life. So the “Nays” had it.

Finally, I began to question whether I had really heard from the Lord. So I reasoned, at least it was a good title for a song. I always wanted to write a tribute song to BroBran and other of God's Generals from The Healing Revival. But I also remembered what BroBran always told us, “...if it's Thus Saith the Lord, it must come to pass, no matter what you do or believe about it....” 

So this doubting Thomas went on with life, taking care of my wife with her back injury, and dealing with all the demons that had become so stirred up over my fervently seeking God.

Two months later, the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred. I had prophesied that and several other events, and at God's directive had copyrighted it in a compilation prophetic work, twelve years earlier. 

What kind of fool would I be to make such a claim that the US Copyright Office could so easily disprove, unless it were true?

Needless to say, I was troubled and heart-broken that the prohecy had been fulfilled. But my spiritual senses were stirred, and I snapped to attention.

Another two months passed. Then, in spite of the doubters the Hands of Fire ssuddenly appeared, just as the Lord had promised! Below is the photographic evidence! 

When I pray for someone sick or demon oppressed sometimes my hand-prints are burned into their skin. And the sign still appears to this day. That anointing is here, and is upon me right now as I write. This phenomenon has been photographed numerous times.

While under that anointing my hands begin to tingle and burn, sometimes sort like they're buzzing a little; they turn reddish and feel full, maybe slightly swollen; and these whitish prickly spots appear. I still don’t know what it all means, but I feel sure it must mean something. He will show me in His time, when He wants me to know.

Let me be clear, I can't make it come and I can't make it go. God's ministry gifts operate "as He wills"

We’ve noticed that if I get around someone needing ministry, it often starts up unexpectedly. If I start talking about something I need Him to confirm, sometimes it comes as if to confirm. Sometimes during deliverance, it seems to be very active when demons are present, and calms as they leave. So perhaps it's a discernment gift of some kind. 

A few times, when I fell asleep praying, hands folded over my chest, I awoke to hand-prints burned into my own skin.

Once, I erased all the data on my ATM Card when I grabbed it in haste to withdraw money, before the anointing had fully lifted. I was forced to get a new card, and is a matter of record at my bank.

Just in the past few days, after the anointing came strongly upon me, the batteries in two different watches failed either the same day, or one day apart. One of the watch batteries had been replaced on a couple of months earlier. You can draw whatever conclusion you wish from that. As stated, I am not trying to prove anything, just reporting. Without question, this anointing certainly behaves curiously.

When we were poisoned, we spent over a year in a special medical facility out of state. One night while holding a prayer meeting in our apartment, I needed prayer. I had gotten tired and run down from being sole caregiver for so long without a break. I had picked up some flu bug. The Spirit led me to have everyone form a prayer chain, including my wife laying on a hospital type bed (wheels, IV pole, side rails, etc). I held my wife's hand, she held a young man's hand, and so on. A young lady was at then end of the chain, and laid her hand on me. We all prayed, the Spirit began to move, and my hands began to burn as the anointing grew stronger. I didn't feel any earth-shaking healing sensation, but His anointing was clearly present. But the lady's hand also got hot while we prayed. So when the Spirit lifted, I went into the bathroom, pulled my shirt back. The young lady's hand-print had been burned perfectly into my shoulder.

Now, I understand better the doctrine of transference as well as the "Prayer Cloth" ministry. Every time the anointing comes upon me powerfully, I grab the prayer cloth box and pray. I hold them, and as I turn them in my hands I pray fervently over them. I believe in that ministry.

As stated, I cannot make it come, and I cannot make it go. However one caveat, when it first appeared twenty years ago, I noticed that any time I struggled with issues of unforgiveness, or if I began to feel a little puffed up over the sign; it would not come until I repented and got that evil spirit out of me. When I dealt with the issue, if came almost instantly!

When it comes real strong my hands burn like fire; sometimes uncomfortably so. However, they don’t always leave burn marks. But it always causes a visible manifestation that no one could truthfully deny.

Again, only a fool would claim something like this if it could be so easily dis-proven.

In conclusion, I don't know whether He will ever give me that "conditionally promised prophetic ministry". It was conditioned upon my obedience. During those seven years of extreme testing, there were times I failed Him so miserably. So I'm not sure I even passed the exam. If I did pass, I doubt I made a very good grade. He is not obliged to give me that ministry.

But to the best of my knowledge, every sin I have ever committed is under the Blood of Jesus Christ. So my gut tells me He will place that ministry in me someday. Of course, I'll have some, who are controlled by their wolf scavenger nature, who will drag the old dead rotten carcass of my former sins out from under the alter, and gnaw on them endlessly like a dog on a rawhide bone. Their day will come, and probably soon. But I am no less clean because of their depraved darkened hearts.

In the sample photograph of the Hands of Fire sign (below), you can see how my hand prints are burned into the skin of the person being prayed for. In this case it burned through the sheet, blanket, and clothing. It bears an appearance much like that of a very bad sunburn.

Hands of Fire photo 1

"Hands of Fire"

circa 1995



In this particular session, we also photographed a spirit of death who was holding this subject. After several hours, we forced it to leave by the authority of Jesus Christ. Then it returned again four months later. And we again photographed the same spirit, different kind of film, showing the same image, holding the same person, on the same location of the body. I have witnessed all manner of manifestations of evil spirits. There was the sophisticated affluent high society lady, who came finely dressed, and arrayed in costly jewelry. Then a demon drove her to her knees, and made her bear her teeth and bark like a dog. There were others who crawled on their bellies and hissed like snakes. An elder's daughter, a grown woman was at the alter dealing with a besetting sin issue, when suddenly she was overtaken by a demon. She backed up into a corner on her all fours, hunched her back, her hair seemed to stand on end, and she bore her teeth and hissed like a wild cat. I do not say those things to brag, but to say that I have seen enough to not be surprised easily. But photographing the same spirit of death two separate times, on the same person, four months apart, on different kinds of film, after having driven it out; that was a first for this cowboy.

Why I did not Share the Supernatural Signs, Photos, and Experiences

Thirty-two years ago

Sometimes people ask me, “why didn't you share these photos, and tell the people about these supernatural signs and experiences when you first came here?The obvious inference is that it would have enhanced my ministry here. That is probably correct. Had I exploited the sacred gifts, experiences, and signs God has given me, I probably could have avoided those 32-years of poverty, shame, and humiliation. But at what cost?

He did not give them to me to be merchandised. I should not be forced to choose between exploiting holy gifts, and poverty. No one should have to defile sacred things to get the church to do the right thing! What's the difference in that and prostitution?

God did not tell me I was allowed to make these things public, until recently. For me, it is better to be in obedience and endure the abject poverty, than to deliberately go out of His will in order to prosper. I can honestly say, there were times I thought of giving up; but never once was I tempted to exploit the signs, experiences, and photographs. Perhaps the following two part explanation will help.

First of all, the signs were for me, not for them. The “Burning Bush” was for Moses, not for Israel. Moses' “Hand” becoming leprous then being healed, Moses' “Rod” becoming a snake and again becoming a rod, and pouring water on the ground and it turning into "Blood", each were initially for Moses, not for Israel. Moses revealed these things to Israel much later, during the "Wilderness Experience". But they were initially given to Moses to help him believe enough to accept his commission from God; and to withstand when satan would test his faith to the extreme. Until recently, I was not given permission to share these experiences publicly.

Secondly, before I came here, the Lord gave me instructions on how I would know who has His Holy Spirit in them. He had placed His Spirit in me and confirmed that with supernatural signs. He did that for me, to confirm these things to me and in me. It was not for them, at that time.

He assured me that if they have His Holy Spirit in them, that Spirit will recognize who I am by the Spirit He placed in me. His Spirit will not repel His Spirit.

Those who know how the spirit operates understand what I'm saying here. This was demonstrated in Brother Branham's ministry, every time he ministered in the Spirit.

The Lord showed me if they repel me, never accept me, reject me, shun me, never allow me to get close, push me away, or any of those kinds of conduct, then His Holy Spirit is not in them; regardless of what they may claim, feel, or do.

That's another spirit in them that hates the Spirit He placed in me.

So that is how I'll know who they are, by how they respond to me; not by how they respond to seeing Him manifest supernatural signs through me. There's always a multitude ready to follow after the fishes and loaves. As throughout scripture, the signs were to be shown to the elect, in the wilderness.

Now I can just hear some critic arise, citing for example Paul's bitter dissension with Barnabas over Mark. I would say to Mr. or Mrs. Critic, remember in your current role that's all you are, is a critic. Contrary to what you may believe, the Holy Spirit did not prompt you with your criticism. He knows the truth. He's the One who revealed this to me. He's the One who confirmed it countless times with signs. Had “...the Spirit of Truth come....” to prompt you, that would have been to “ you into all truth....” My recommendation is to first get deliverance from all evils spirits, then seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and then ask “...the Comforter....”, and “...He will teach you all things....”

A few months after we moved here, the Lord gave me Ezekiel 33:30-33 as a pattern of what was to come. All these years later, He has vindicated me unquestionably as His servant, and as one of His prophets, just as promised. Over these three-plus decades, those verses He gave me in Ezekiel have unfolded like a blossom opens in spring. And just as that passage states, they “heard my words”, but would not do them; they made a “show of love”, but chased after covetousness; and I was to them as a “ of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument....” And just as He promised me, “...when this cometh to pass, (lo it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them....” As they always have, those things I have prophesied over this place, and these people, will come to pass. Woe unto them who have not repented in that day!

The purpose for sharing these supernatural signs and experiences is not to boast, but to testify of Him! These signs and experiences are not to celebritize me, but to magnify Him! He gave them, and continues to give them, to vindicate me as His servant. Further, it is to show yet another reason why I am willing to repeatedly follow Him into the lion's den; and why I've been willing to endure the decades of extreme adversity, abject poverty, insults, humiliation, and public shame. I love Him!

Sixty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by His power and marked me as "His Property" with "His Stigmata". Forty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by snatching me away ("Caught Away") and engulfing me into His glorious Shekinah Presence, and similar to the Mount of Transfiguration account. Twenty years ago, He gave me a conditional promise of my full ministry and confirmed it by the "Hands of Fire" sign, which remains to this day. He has made me know experientially that ALL power and authority is in Him; and that nothing and no one can stand in His presence; no demon, no principality, no angel, no disease, no military force, nor satan, and not even death can stand against Him! Everyone and everything is subject to Him! He’s been with me, even in me all my life! He has always delivered me! I am His property! He defends me extravagantly! Woe unto me if I preach not the gospel....


- GERRY PHILLIPS - 1955-2015