The Brother Haney Prayer

A Man Called Haney

There is a man in the Branham following whom I will identify only as Brother Sammy. It would be presumptuous of me to assume he would want to be named in this article without my asking him first. So, I will not use his real name. Besides, that is not important to the lesson of the story. For brevity I will refer to him simply as “Sam”. Sam was one of Brother Branham’s hunting buddies. I heard Sam tell the story of a friend he had known all his life; let's call him “Brother Haney”. 

Haney was known to be a godly man, of singular character, remarkable faith, and a man of few words. He lived in the north country of Canada. He was a uniquely skilled woodsman, and hunter. It was said of him that he was as comfortable in the woods, as he was in his home.

Brother Haney was a seasonal farmer during the warmer months, and during the winter he dug graves for a living. Sam was the one who brought Brother Branham to the Haney farm and introduced them; as they both loved the woods, and loved to hunt.

Brother Haney had a son about the same age as Sam, and they grew up together. They also answered an alter call one night in the same Spirit Filled meeting. But a few weeks later, the young Haney boy began to be drawn back toward the things of the world. As time passed, young Haney was married.

Like any man running from God’s will, his marriage became rocky. For a season they were separated, and then got back together “loosely” as Sam described it.

During this time, young Haney’s wife got pregnant. Young Haney did not believe the child was his. Refusing to support the child, a local judge sent young Haney to prison about 500 miles away from home. Sam also knew the judge personally.

Subsequently, Sam visited Brother Haney and he told Sam about the prison sentence. Then Haney said to Sam, “I prayed a prayer; Lord if this judgment is just then let it stand; and if it is not just, then remove him from his place”.

Two weeks later, Brother Haney dug that judge’s grave.

To exhort, admonish, and edify

Since Sam made this account public, and it was so powerful, I didn’t need to reveal my own experiences (which I prefer to remain private). But I've had a few similar experiences too, involving a judges I knew very well, abusing their position of authority and influence, and causing harm to someone I loved; and then refusing to repent. In each case, it did not end well with them.

These experiences are never shared to gloat or take any satisfaction in such misfortunes. In fact, I grieve over the ones that affect me. In my experience, nearly every case where God removed someone from their place; it has been someone I dearly loved, and with whom I had tried to reconcile. So any time I share such experiences, it is done with a great deal of sadness, grief, and regret. My sole purpose is to warn others, to correct their course, and avoid similar misfortune.

Abusing one’s position of power is an egregious offense. But abusing it against one of God’s servants is downright deadly! Anyone who plays around with that is playing with fire!

The “Brother Haney Prayer” became an idiomatic phrase in my life to describe a special kind of biblical prayer. I have read about it in scripture, witnessed in church over much of my life, and sadly a few times been forced to pray such a prayer. Without getting into writing an apology of the doctrine, I know there is a place in Christianity for this kind of prayer.

As a young boy, how many times did I witness an ambulance back up to those old double doors at the little Pentecostal country church? How many times did I watch the ambulance attendants strap some hypocrite to a gurney who had been playing around with the move of the Holy Spirit. In my preadolescence, how many times had I wondered in amazement as they hauled them away to a hospital?

How many times did some critic (usually an anti-Pentecostal preacher) try to trick Brother Branham before an audience of thousands, trying to expose him as a fraud, and his Holy Spirit gift as a fake? Every single time they were stricken down, hauled out of the meetings, and afflicted for life. Playing with the things of God is worse than playing with fire! It's more dangerous than playing with a rattlesnake!

An Caveat

But one caveat here, anyone praying such a prayer had better know they are the one who is in the right! In my lifetime I have known at least three preachers who led such prayers against me. They each lost their ministries, their churches, their reputations, many of their families, and ultimately their lives.

Again, the one praying such a prayer had better be sure they are the one in the right! They’d better be right in the controversy, right in praying such a prayer, and had better have what we refer to in Equity Law “Clean Hands”! Anyone praying such a prayer had better know what Solomon meant when he wrote “…a curse causeless shall not alight….”

When demons see your “Open House” sign

There are times I have had to pray a Brother Haney prayer over a situation where someone had done me wrong. In most cases they were celebrities of some sort; such as in the entertainment industry, or celebrity preachers. When someone closes the door on me, insulates themselves from me, refuses to respond to my attempts to contact them, making it impossible to confront them for reconciliation, they leave me no choice. God demands the highest premium on reconciliation. I love God more than I love those who deliberately chose to be my adversaries.

You see, when someone causes a breach it upsets the course of nature within the Body of Christ. It sends toxic reverberations throughout the spirit world; and often they manifest in the material world, such as terminal disease, violence, and calamities of all sorts. When someone mistreats a believer, they bring discord into the Body.

Jesus elevated the importance of unity and reconciliation to its highest level. He gave His directive during a time when the Law of Moses was still in full effect and being practiced in the Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus said that even if you are in the middle of offering a gift of sacrifice at the alter in Jerusalem, and the Holy Spirit brings to your remembrance that your brother has ought against you; then you are to IMMEDIATELY STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO STRAIGHT TO THAT BROTHER AND RECONCILE; and then go back and finish offering your gift of sacrifice! Imagine that, while still under Moses Jesus elevated this issue to a level sufficiently important to interrupt offering a gift of sacrifice. That makes this a serious command from the Lord Himself!

Having spent much of my life dealing with music business people, often I've had people “cut me off” so to speak. Usually it's a celebrity preacher, or a music entertainer, or some such. They have the power to insulate themselves as to make themselves out of my reach; but they cannot get out of God’s reach. If they only knew scripture, and how the spirit world works, they'd never in a million years do that to me. Because, for as long as they foster a breach by refusing to resolve an offense and reconcile fellowship, they will be within the reach of the power of darkness. In fact, we call it leaving a window open for the demons to slip in. They might just as well hang a “OPEN HOUSE” sign in front of their home, and invite the demons in. Demons travel in “gangs”, when they enter a house, they bring “invitees” with them.

Scripture is filled with kings, heroes, celebrities, rich men, and beautiful women who thought they had immunity. But their arrogance and wrong conduct always ended up placing them in reach of the power of darkness. We have an assurance that we have been delivered from the power of darkness, and we stand on that truth. But if we willfully sin, and are content to remain in that state, we can give legal grounds for those forces to return into our lives. If they return, they will not be content until they take over the house they enter. Demons and politicians are like mold; it’s far easier to prevent it from ever entering, than to expel it once it moves in and takes over.

Reconciliation, Adjure, and Ignorance

One of the most foolish responses one can give a prophet of God is to ignore him when he signals that “we need to talk”. How often have I sent emails with my signature phrase “when you need prayer do not hesitate to contact me”. That phrase is pregnant with meaning. I only send it when reasonable attempts at resolution and reconciliation have failed. If I write that phrase, it means He has shown me something, and they are getting ready to need my prayers. It is the only time I ever use that phrase. When I write that phrase, something has convinced me that my prayer may be the only one God will hear for the answer to their deliverance. You may think that sounds arrogant, but it is absolutely scriptural!

It is also possible that if the recipient waits too long to respond, they will have exhausted their time of repentance. These are true scriptural principles. We can give legal grounds to the devil, we can offend God such to where He will only hear one person’s prayer, and we can cross a line where there is no more repentance available. Those are three scary biblical concepts. One doesn’t need to search far to find a multitude of bible teachers who will disagree with me. That doesn’t dissuade me from the truth. Anyone is free to follow them. They’d better pray those teachers are right. If they’re wrong, the consequences will first fall into the followers lap. Teachers will come under a stricter sentence, but that may not be administered to them until the judgment. Followers of wrong teachings are not given immunity for their ignorance of the teaching error. People die every day ignorant of the plan of salvation. They are not excused for their ignorance.

I have seen this heartbreaking measure, meted out to so many people in my lifetime. Personally, I've known very wealthy people who in some way did me wrong. Usually, within a year or two tornadic devastation swept through their lives, leaving a swath destruction. In the end, some lost nearly everything, family business, reputation, personal property, and ultimately ended in bankruptcy. One particular story, I have used to warn music business friends for nearly forty years. Almost universally, they did not believe me, and most eventually faced the consequences. The law of sowing and reaping is as absolute as the law of gravity. To challenge either with cavalier and disrespect can yield horrific consequences; like a small child playing with fire.

Jesus warned in Matthew 18 that those who harm His “little ones” would fare better with self-inflicted barbaric mutilation, than face the horrific certain judgment that will come upon them. God promises that HE WILL execute righteousness and justice for ALL who are oppressed. We only need to ask Him and trust Him.

It’s a far safer practice to not mistreat innocent people. However being imperfect humans, at some point we will do someone wrong. Then, it is incumbent upon us to go to them and attempt reconciliation, and in as much as it is possible restitution and reparations; Post haste!

Never Ignore a Subpoena

So if a man of God ever tries to contact you for cause or reconciliation, don’t avoid him.

Another of satan’s schemes is doctrinal ignorance! For instance, if a man of God is investigating a wrong (offense), and he asks you what you know or have heard about it, if he is a vindicated man of God, he has “ADJURED” you! What ever you do, don’t withhold any information from him! Even of you know the information you have is just a rumor, or even a outright lie; DON'T WITHOLD ANYTHING! If you do withhold that information from him, then you are concealing evidence. It is a form of obstruction of justice. According to scripture, God will hold you liable for the offense you are concealing! You will be just as culpable for the offense, as you would had you been the actual offender. That is sound Apostolic doctrine, and a biblical practice under the Law of Moses, and in the Ante Nicene era church.

People wonder why there is so much disease, familial turmoil, and general chaos in their lives; and so little power for deliverance demonstrated in the church today. It’s all in how we walk.

Here are a few parting friendly suggestions

  • Keep short accounts with God and with brethren; BE QUICK TO RECONCILE!

  • Don't ignore anyone trying to reconcile. Absolutely do not refuse to answer when you have been “ADJURED” by a vindicated man of God.

  • Never curse or pray against anyone unless you are absolutely sure you have grounds to do so, and are right in doing so. Otherwise, you can reap destruction upon your own life from which you may never recover.

  • If you are a person who wields power and influence, e.g., judge, lawyer, law enforcement officer, or even a powerful figure in an industry or profession; be careful not to harm any of God's servants; keep Matthew 18:6-10 in the forefront of your mind...God will execute righteousness and justice for ALL, upon ALL their oppressors; no one has absolute immunity from God's discipline.

  • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give anyone any valid reason to pray a Brother Haney Prayer over your life.



- GERRY PHILLIPS - 1955-2015