The Macon Project

"The Macon Project", or "Macon" as we call it for short, is a missionary musical production; a compilation of nearly thirty original songs. It is uniquely designed to reach out to a demographic no one has yet targeted as such, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Set in a laid back warm southern rock style of music, Macon touches on many current social themes from a biblical perspective. I’ve done my best to create Macon to be an emotionally moving musical journey through life’s hills and valleys; ultimately leading listeners to the climax of the concert, a direct challenge to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Macon Project

Temporarily named “The Macon Project” or “Macon” for short; as an obvious reference to the strong Macon/Muscle Shoals musical influence.

Macon is intended to be more than just a missionary journey; in fact it is our Mars Hill campaign. So please hold us in prayer. Gerry says, "...Macon is intended to be my Magnum Opus evangelistic musical endeavor...."

The demo version of the audio portion has been completed. Plans are still in development for implementation of the full finished production with video footage.

Gerry says

"...I would love to make the video production
a live ‘Coast to Coast--Body Wide’ effort
and record segments of video footage from several cities;
each with a mass choir made up of representatives from local churches...
similar to what Jimmy and Carol Owens did with 'If My People'...

I participated in one of the 'If My People' concerts in the mid-1970s
and it conveyed a powerfully effective message...
anyone who participated in If My People remembers its impact,
how Americans were so powerfully moved,
and how since that event,
quoting II Chronicles 7:14 has never been the same....”

And Gerry says regarding incorporating the prison ministries,

"...I dare say that many people who are incarcerated
probably have a ministry call on their lives
and that's why the devil has tried so hard to put them out of commission...."

" I thought how cool it would be
to record some of 'Macon' in a prison
using Spirit Filled inmates
for the band and choir...

partner, that's something worth praying about...."

He goes on to say

" dream is for a finished video product
that will be an evangelistic tool
that will continue to reach an un-reached segment of my generation,
long after I'm gone

Finally, he says

"....from any excess proceeds,
I plan to divert a generous portion of them to help ministries,
organizations, and individuals
who have a proven track record
of helping the homeless, the poor, the sick,
the prisoner, the widow, the orphan, and the elderly;

in short,
those who walk in Matthew 25:35-36.

"Macon" IS Church Worthy

Gerry says

"…little hints of the influence of The Allman Brothers
and Waylon are obvious in nearly every song...
also, you can hear a strong southern breeze from Muscle Shoals,
as well as Black Gospel...
and there's even a tiny whiff of Classical, Celtic, and Bluegrass
coming through on a couple of songs
and of course flavors of my musical first love

'Messianic Worship Music'...."

He goes on to say

"...I understand that 'Macon' might not be a perfect fit
for some church services,
and it may even offend some brethren...
but I assure you I don't mean to offend anyone

" I state in my book “Stone Age Evangelism”,
if we believers don't rethink our approach to modern evangelism,
Christianity in America will continue to shrink exponentially
in size and influence...

"...I believe it is Hermeneutical mal-practice to ignore the fact that
the Apostle Paul took a vastly more a cavalier approach
to his 'Mars Hill' campaign
than the strict reverent 'church order' that he prescribed in I Corinthians,
regarding Communion, operation of spiritual gifts,
and other matters of church order...

"...the manifestation of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost
was also vastly different than
Paul’s instructions to the Corinthians
regarding the orderly operation of the manifestations of the Spirit...
In fact, the way those Jerusalem believers
were behaving on that Day of Pentecost,
spectators swore they were drunk!…
So, were the Jerusalem believers out of order in Acts 2?…
I don't think so...

"...a church service is a unique gathering for a specific purpose,
different in a multitude of ways than a public evangelistic campaign

"...'Macon' is my 'Mars Hill' campaign!!!!"

"...for years I've prayed for Holy Spirit guidance on
where to draw the line with church music...
I've been involved in various music programs in many churches
since I was ten years old...
concerning the scriptures, in no way bragging, but I'm not a novice...

rest assured, I too am apprehensive
about a lot of the music I hear played in churches today
so I have proceeded with 'Macon' prayerfully,
cautiously, and deliberately...and
I covet your prayers regarding this issue

"...but ’Macon’ is designed for evangelism in the public arena,
and not for the communion service

"...if we 'go forth' as it were, to do a concert
at a park, or a beach,a state fair, or in a stadium
dressed in three piece suits and singing only 'shaped note hymns',
we will mostly draw the attention of people who are already saved...
and while hymns can be moving and nourishing to the soul,
and that is a worthy endeavor,
it is not evangelism
according to the centuries long history of usage
and application of the term of art...

"...however, in that same scenario,
if unbelieving Southern Rockers passing by
hear a distant beckoning call of the music they love
they might be drawn to it, if for no other reason than nostalgia,
and they might come close enough, for long enough,
and then hear enough for the Holy Spirit to touch their hearts
and change their lives…that's our primary objective for 'Macon'

"...therefore, 'Macon' is not a compromise with the world…
rather it is merely intended to serve as a vehicle
to carry the message of truth
to those who don’t even know they need to hear it

"...I've visited many prosperous Park Avenue type churches.
I've seen people pull up in their long beautiful luxury cars...
I've ridden in some of those classy rides...
they’re certainly a pleasant way to get to church...
but I imagine if one tried to use those same long beautiful luxury cars
to bring the message of truth to the deepest jungles of Central Africa,
they might not get very far...."

"...I'm a missionary of sorts in the city jungles of the United States,
and have been so for soon approaching forty-five years...
and some of those jungles have steeples, but not all of them do....

...some missions have required me to actually go into some muddy places...
a few times I've come out dirty,
and I've had to take time off for purging and cleansing...
I'd rather get a little dirty doing something for the Lord
and have Him cleanse me,
than to stay clean by doing nothing....

...while I am proficient in many styles of music,
for this unique mission, Gospel Southern Rock music,
and more specifically ‘Macon’
is the best missionary vehicle I have
to get me to my post of duty so I can fulfill my mission...."

We covet your prayers!


- GERRY PHILLIPS - 1955-2015