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"The Milky Haze"

Around twenty years ago, we were poisoned in our home. We were never able to verify conclusively what actually happened. This was before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. So to say that law enforcement's response was lethargic might be too kind. Every attempt to investigate was met with untold obstruction or interference; at every juncture. Most of the interference came from people who had a financial interest in the outcome of the investigation. In spite of my diligence, it seemed like demonic forces exploited ignorance, incompetence, or malice, or some combination thereof. It seemed as if nothing was spared to stop or stall any search for the truth, until at last the trail of evidence was either destroyed, or too stale to pursue. 

Experts ranging from private environmental scientists, to the US EPA agents, all believed that it was a criminal act, and some believed it smacked of domestic terrorism. I spoke with a District Attorney General from one of our neighboring jurisdictions for over twenty miniutes. He was certain it warranted criminal investigation, and bringing in TBI. He told me that if he had jurisdiction that is how he would respond. He said that he was good friends with our DA and assured me that our DA would respond as aggressively as he. One private environmental contractor told me his twenty years of experience told him this was certainly a criminal act and not an environmental accident. An EPA Agent in Atlanta, told me they were getting over 100 calls per day from across the country, very similar to mine. He personally believed it was terrorists testing the waters, to observe law enforcement's response (to say the response here was anemic is being kind). However, one out of state police agency mistakenly believed they had jurisdiction and very definitely investigated it as a criminal act. Even when they conceded they had no jurisdiction, they were stedfast in their conviction that it was a criminal act. They communicated the same to our law enforcement agencies here. Again, this was years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Today, such an anemic response would probably never happen; and if it did, it would never be found acceptable.

Suffice to say, that first day was wall to wall chaos. About 5:30 AM we made the first of three 911 calls. Between us, we had three episodes of syncope. The First Responders who extracted us from the house complained of headaches to the ER physicians and staff. Then we spent over six hours in the hospital emergency room on oxygen, with a battery of blood and urine tests, X-Rays, etc. 

The most difficult aspect was being in separate rooms. We could not see or speak to one other, nor lay hands on to pray for one another. We were helpless and had to trust solely in the Lord as little children. It was a test of our faith. But all the years of adversity bonded us even closer together than ever. While laying there my mind raced, flooded with questions like what happened? Who did this to us? Why would anyone do this to us of all people? What toxic agent were we exposed to? What should we do? Where will we live? The questions seemed endless, and the answers seemed fleeting. My wife had already been bed-ridden for the past ten months due to a back injury. Two months earlier doctors had discovered potentially lethal levels of inorganic arsenic in her system. She was already in very fragile condition.

So I needed to find a refuge, a safe place for us to stay until we could seek the Lord regarding how to proceed. A dear old buddy of mine, Dallas Frazier, came to the ER and gave us a ride home. He graciously offered to let us stay at his place for a few days. He had a separate little building that had been converted to something like a studio apartment (the apartment). He said we could stay there. Needless to say, we were relieved by his generosity.

We spent most of the day preparing to begin what would become over three years living out of a suitcase, followed by six months being homeless, over four years of her being bed-ridden, and more than seven years of extreme tribulation, bizarre testing, and unconcionable hardship. 

Later that day, after sunset, we arrived at Dallas' home. He and I walked out back to the apartment. I cannot remember for sure whether he had already turned the heat on, or if he turned it on then. But I put one of my ozone generators in there to help reduce any environmental incitants like mold, fungae, etc. Then we returned to the big house and we all had some good sweet fellowship. 

A few hours later, he and I went out to the apartment to turn off the ozone machine. When we opened the door there was an odd sensation. The room had reached the perfect temperature, but the entire room was filled with a milky cloud. For the purpose of identification I have labeled it as BroBran used to call it, "The Milky Haze". 

As I stepped into the room it felt nice and comfortable; but the ozone smell was quite pungent. Yet when I stepped into the Milky Haze to disconnect the ozone equipment, it felt different. It seemed cool, like hitting a wall of cool air, a sensation similar to stepping into a commercial refrigerator, only not as cold. This was odd since it was the first week of February in Tennessee, and it was really cold outside. Yet the room was warm and cozy. But then it seemed noticeably cooler inside the Milky Haze. That part made no sense. And the Milky Haze just hung there still, without any motion. Unlike smoke, when the door was opened the milky haze made no movement. Any time a door is opened and cold outside air is introduced to the warm inside air, the different air temperatures clash and cause turbulence; a tornadic effect. Therefore, smoke or other particulates floating in the air would visibly swirl and move. There was no swirl or other movement. The Milky Haze just hung there, still.

Since the ozone smell was so pungent, Dallas remained in the doorway. But he clearly saw the Milky Haze. We have discussed it recently and he remembers it quite well. But that night he was visibly disturbed by this phenomenon. He made it clear authoritatively, that we were not going to be staying in the apartment that night; we would stay in the house with them. His concerns were obviously safety related, and considering we had just been poisoned in our home, those were absolutely reasonable concerns. My mind went right to a supernatural presence. I had seen this kind of thing before. It had been photographed before. I wanted to spend the night there, if that was "God's" presence. But Dallas' level of concern was palpable, not unfounded, just innocently misplaced. Besides, I was so grateful for him and his wife generously providing us shelter for the night, I made no attempt to persuade him otherwise. I mumbled some dismissive phrase suggesting The Milky Haze was probably caused by ozone reacting to something in the room. It was enough that in our distress they showed such kind hospitality as to receive us into their home.

However, I have used ozone generators for over twenty-five years. I have probably run them an average of at least five days out of every seven during that time period; often at the highest concentration. We spent over a year in an out of state medical facility when we were poisoned. They used big industrial state of the art medical grade ozone generators. These machines are designed to be used in hospitals for periodic purification of all the facility's rooms, air systems, etc. As stated, I have used ozone generators for a quarter century, have built them, and for a while I even sold them as a dealer. I am competent to speak on this subject. I have seen ozone pumped into rooms with industrial generators at toxic levels for over twenty four straight hours. The concentrations were so toxic it took 48-hours with open windows to clear enough for safe re-entry. But I have never seen ozone produce any milky haze like Dallas and I witnessed that night in the apartment. Nor have any of the competent sources I have ever questioned told me they have seen ozone produce any visible haze. The response has always been that ozone "IS" an invisible gas, just like carbon monoxide. It cannot be seen! It can only be detected by smell or instrument!

On the other hand, I have been in the presence of the Lord. And I have photographed The Milky Haze before. And I know that eerie aprehension, even terrifying crippling fear, is a normal human response to coming into proximity to the presence of the Lord. I dare say everyone has had an experience where they've walked into a room, past a graveyard, or something similar, and felt an unexplainable eerie feeling. I surely have! Maybe we didn't see anything in the graveyard, couldn't explain what it was, but we knew something unsettling was there. If you multiply that by a "quadrillion to the tenth power" you may at least comprehend my frail attempt to describe what it's like when a human steps into the presence of the Lord, the Creator of the Universe. It can make one unable to move, stand, or speak. Thus when Old Testament Prophets and New Testament Apostles stepped into the presence of the Lord phrases gushed from their very souls like: "...I fell at His feet as dead...."; "...woe unto me, I am undone...."; "...a great quaking fell on them, so that they fled and hid themselves...."; "...I fell on my face...."; "...straightway there remained no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me...."; and more. These are poweful cries from the souls of desperate men of God. God has not changed and He still inhabits the praises of His people. His manifested presence is still just as terifying as it was back then. I understand based on first hand experience why God told Moses that no man can literally see Him and live. I believe He must wrap Himself in His glorious robe of light to protect men from actually seeing Him. Stepping into His presence is awesome beyond human description. When The Hand touched Daniel he screamed out that he was knocked down on his knees and hands. God has not changed! Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever means what it says!

This is why I know the judgments will not be anything like many prophecy teachers describe. They portray the judgments much like the Emmy's, the Grammy's, or the CMA Awards. In their portrayal, it seems everyone wins a prize, no one goes home empty-handed, no one is unhappy, and there's just this wall-to-wall jubilation like a post-awards show party. How arrogantly irreverent! One experience in His presence would show them unforgettably that it will be vastly different from that portrayal. Those who criticize those of us who have been in God's presence, prove they've never been there themselves. Once you ever experience it, you can never again truthfully deny the experience was real. You long for another, your view of life changes, and people will not understand you. You enter into a terminal state of what the Apostle Paul described as "Betwixt Two".

Having said all that, The Milky Haze was not just some invisible eerie feeling. It certainly was not some invisible gas magically appearing to the naked eye. But it was something visible, tangible, and terrific. It was the presence of the Lord! I believe His manifested presence could have been photographed that night, just as all the times before.

How many times had I heard BroBran (Brother William Branham) say, “...the anointing is so strong, His presence is so thick, everything looks all milky across the audience...I can't even see to the back of the auditorium for that milky haze....” All you Message followers know what I am talking about here. You've heard him say it countless times. I know what it was in that room that night. It was the same Milky Cloud you can see in the Pillar of Fire photograph, inside the circle marked number "3". However, The Milky Haze in the apartment was more transparent, and not quite as concentrated, thick, and dense as in the Pillar of Fire photograph. But it was that same manifested presence. It was the manifested presence of the Lord. 

Remember, the "Burning Bush" experience was for Moses', not for the children of Israel. They weren't even there to see it. Likewise, The Milky Haze experience was not revealed for Dallas, he didn't need it. It was manifested for me. The Lord knew the enormous battle that lay ahead for me. WOW! What a battle it was!

A voice had spoken to me during the exact same month, exactly one year earlier, "...if you will be obedient....". That was Him describing the unusual ministry (described in the "Hands of Fire" article) that I would be given, conditioned upon my obedience. Then the voice said (as so often occurs in scripture), that as a sign to confirm this word is from the Lord, " will be given Hands of Fire...." And as we all know, four months later the "Hands of Fire" sign began to appear, and still appears to this day. Now, if He ever says that phrase to me again, "...if you will be obedient....", I will know my obedience is about to get tested. 

But that night, He was letting me know that He would there with me, throughout that seven years of extreme testing; and beyond those seven years. My wife, and those who know me well, could confirm that we faced unimaginable challenges, and engaged in extreme battles of spiritual warfare over the next seven years. 

During that testing, satan came and tempted me with things I never thought would be a temptation. It was not just humbling, it was humiliating to know I could be brought to even think of such things; much less be tempted by them. But Jesus was tempted with those same things, and more; yet without sin. So it's not a sin to be tempted!

Each time the devil tried to make me stumble, the Lord would come, do something special, and then leave His finger-prints all over it. And often He'd burn my hand-prints on me, or on someone else, all just to let us know He was there. 

He also gave me that "Hands of Fire" sign "before" the storm came, and not after; just like He did for the Apostle Paul. I am so grateful He did that for us. How many times has He done that in my life? Many of my songs were birthed out of these experiences. One of those songs I wrote is "Before He Allowed The Thorn". The hook line is, "...just like He did with Paul, Jesus gave me His grace, before He allowed the thorn...."

Over the years, there were unbelievable opportunities for discouragement. Then the sign would always appear out of nowhere, just to let us know He was there with us. And it worked, we made it through! Hallelujah!

Had any one of these supernatural manifestations been an isolated occurrence, one might reasonably dismiss it as an anomaly. But consider the sum total of just the supernatural signs and experiences currently listed on this website. Weigh the photographic evidence we've posted thus far. Then factor in that these signs have occurred at least since I was four years old. Then to top it all off, consider the myriad of "Prophetic Words" He has given through me with "Thus Saith the Lord". Imagine the astronomical odds of them each being fulfilled with 100% accuracy. Consider the 28-facets of prophecies posted on this website that He has given through me that already came to pass. The odds were calculated to be around 1.5 billion to 1 odds of them all coming to pass in my lifetime; and they did. I don't know of a single one that has every failed. If anyone should challenge that, the Lord has given me His directive how I am to repond. So critics should be sure they are right before making that challenge. That should add some stout credibility to this testimony. I am satisfied that in the instant case, The Milky Haze was God's anointing presence.

Since the Lord has enjoined me from making these things public until recently, I've never discussed this occurence with Dallas until recently. Back then he appeared to have no idea that he was actually standing near the presence of the Lord. But really, that should have been no surprise to him. First of all, he is not a scriptural novice. And, I happen to know he'd saturated that apartment with soul gushing prayers for many years, prior to The Milky Haze manifestation. God's anointing presence was probably already there, it just manifested that night as a sign to strengthen me for the challenges that lay ahead. Either way, what he may have initially perceived as caution, apprehension, or even fear, may have actually been an inborn "AWE" for his creator. How many times did the Lord make an appearance to me, and I didn't know it was Him until years later.

Let me be clear, this was in no way the same or even similar in magnitude to when I was "Caught Away". That was His Shekinah presence. The Milky Haze was His anointing presence. God's anointing presence manifests in varying degrees, whether by sign, authority, or power. We've all experienced that variation. Every preacher knows how some nights your anointing is really strong, and some nights it is not as strong. As stated, The Milky Haze was more transparent and less dense than the milky cloud marked in the circle number "3" in the "Pillar of Fire" photograph. But His Shekinah presence is always something virtually indescribable, visibly, audibly, and physically. It is never anything less than overwhelming. 

To put it in other words, His Shekinah was experienced in an heavenly place, The Milky Haze was experienced in an earthly place.


Why I did not Share the Supernatural Signs, Photos, and Experiences

Thirty-two years ago

Sometimes people ask me, “why didn't you share these photos, and tell the people about these supernatural signs and experiences when you first came here?The obvious inference is that it would have enhanced my ministry here. That is probably correct. Had I exploited the sacred gifts, experiences, and signs God has given me, I probably could have avoided those 32-years of poverty, shame, and humiliation. But at what cost?

He did not give them to me to be merchandised. I should not be forced to choose between exploiting holy gifts, and poverty. No one should have to defile sacred things to get the church to do the right thing! What's the difference in that and prostitution?

God did not tell me I was allowed to make these things public, until recently. For me, it is better to be in obedience and endure the abject poverty, than to deliberately go out of His will in order to prosper. I can honestly say, there were times I thought of giving up; but never once was I tempted to exploit the signs, experiences, and photographs. Perhaps the following two part explanation will help.

First of all, the signs were for me, not for them. The “Burning Bush” was for Moses, not for Israel. Moses' “Hand” becoming leprous then being healed, Moses' “Rod” becoming a snake and again becoming a rod, and pouring water on the ground and it turning into "Blood", each were initially for Moses, not for Israel. Moses revealed these things to Israel much later, during the "Wilderness Experience". But they were initially given to Moses to help him believe enough to accept his commission from God; and to withstand when satan would test his faith to the extreme. Until recently, I was not given permission to share these experiences publicly.

Secondly, before I came here, the Lord gave me instructions on how I would know who has His Holy Spirit in them. He had placed His Spirit in me and confirmed that with supernatural signs. He did that for me, to confirm these things to me and in me. It was not for them, at that time.

He assured me that if they have His Holy Spirit in them, that Spirit will recognize who I am by the Spirit He placed in me. His Spirit will not repel His Spirit.

Those who know how the spirit operates understand what I'm saying here. This was demonstrated in Brother Branham's ministry, every time he ministered in the Spirit.

The Lord showed me if they repel me, never accept me, reject me, shun me, never allow me to get close, push me away, or any of those kinds of conduct, then His Holy Spirit is not in them; regardless of what they may claim, feel, or do.

That's another spirit in them that hates the Spirit He placed in me.

So that is how I'll know who they are, by how they respond to me; not by how they respond to seeing Him manifest supernatural signs through me. There's always a multitude ready to follow after the fishes and loaves. As throughout scripture, the signs were to be shown to the elect, in the wilderness.

Now I can just hear some critic arise, citing for example Paul's bitter dissension with Barnabas over Mark. I would say to Mr. or Mrs. Critic, remember in your current role that's all you are, is a critic. Contrary to what you may believe, the Holy Spirit did not prompt you with your criticism. He knows the truth. He's the One who revealed this to me. He's the One who confirmed it countless times with signs. Had “...the Spirit of Truth come....” to prompt you, that would have been to “ you into all truth....” My recommendation is to first get deliverance from all evils spirits, then seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and then ask “...the Comforter....”, and “...He will teach you all things....”

A few months after we moved here, the Lord gave me Ezekiel 33:30-33 as a pattern of what was to come. All these years later, He has vindicated me unquestionably as His servant, and as one of His prophets, just as promised. Over these three-plus decades, those verses He gave me in Ezekiel have unfolded like a blossom opens in spring. And just as that passage states, they “heard my words”, but would not do them; they made a “show of love”, but chased after covetousness; and I was to them as a “ of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument....” And just as He promised me, “...when this cometh to pass, (lo it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them....” As they always have, those things I have prophesied over this place, and these people, will come to pass. Woe unto them who have not repented in that day!

The purpose for sharing these supernatural signs and experiences is not to boast, but to testify of Him! These signs and experiences are not to celebritize me, but to magnify Him! He gave them, and continues to give them, to vindicate me as His servant. Further, it is to show yet another reason why I am willing to repeatedly follow Him into the lion's den; and why I've been willing to endure the decades of extreme adversity, abject poverty, insults, humiliation, and public shame. I love Him!

Sixty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by His power and marked me as "His Property" with "His Stigmata". Forty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by snatching me away ("Caught Away") and engulfing me into His glorious Shekinah Presence, and similar to the Mount of Transfiguration account. Twenty years ago, He gave me a conditional promise of my full ministry and confirmed it by the "Hands of Fire" sign, which remains to this day. He has made me know experientially that ALL power and authority is in Him; and that nothing and no one can stand in His presence; no demon, no principality, no angel, no disease, no military force, nor satan, and not even death can stand against Him! Everyone and everything is subject to Him! He’s been with me, even in me all my life! He has always delivered me! I am His property! He defends me extravagantly! Woe unto me if I preach not the gospel....



- GERRY PHILLIPS - 1955-2015