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Everything He Told Me

Came To Pass

What about this Thus Saith the Lord phrase

NOTE: Here is an excerpt from our booklet "A Profile of the Prophet". Click the title to read a sample. 

Recently, this subject came up regarding the dozen or so sample prophecies posted on our ministry website in the article entitled “The Prophetic”. We looked at about twelve of the prophetic words that are listed there. Some prophecies had more than one facet that had to be fulfilled in order to be accurate...with around twenty-eight facets having already been fulfilled....

Then purely out of curiosity, we calculated the probabilities of one man speaking prophecies where 28 specific elements had to come to pass in order to be valid. I was quite surprised when I learned the results. According to the mathematical calculations, the probability of their fulfillment was 1 chance in about 1.5 billion or so.

As I have said for years, I don't know of a single one of the prophecies given through me that has ever failed; “how many televangelist prophets can truthfully make that claim?" Now that is in no way boasting in me. I don't have the IQ to know the future, nor the power to make predictions come to pass. But the Lord Jesus Christ has both, and more; and I am boasting in Him!

Throughout scripture, God revealed prophetic events to His people through His servants; partly to vindicate those servants. The following is my account of a few such revelations He entrusted to me.

Over my lifetime, He has revealed a myriad of prophetic words to me. The ones I have been sure of I prefixed with the phrase "Thus Saith the Lord" (TSL) when I announced them. He has given me many that He never released or commanded me to announce. He gave me one prophetic word nearly two decades ago regarding the Church in America; I am waiting for a door to open to the right venue to give the announcement. I may just announce it by publication.

To my knowledge, and I believe I’m being honest in saying this, not one TSL has ever failed.

In no way is anything averred here boasting of me. I don’t have the intelligence to “foreknow the prophetic”; nor the power to “fulfill the prophetic”.

God holds those powers “exclusively” to choose which vessel to reveal prophetic words to, and when to bring them to pass.

But it is reasonable to ask, “Who among the 'televangelist prophets' can truthfully say that not one TSL they have given has ever failed?

And it is not as though the Lord hasn’t given scores of TSL’s through me. That doesn’t exalt me, but I believe it does vindicate me as His servant.

With all the critics I have, what kind of fool would I be to make such claims if they were not true?

These revelations have come to me since I was a little boy in the Pentecostal movement.

When I was yet a young preacher, while ministering in a little Pentecostal Holiness Church; the Spirit of the Lord came upon me. Mid-sermon a word came, I interrupted my message, and spoke to an older man and his wife about their son who was then a heroin addict. It seemed hopeless. But God saw their faith and spoke through me. I said the boy would be saved before he died; and if it didn’t come to pass they could tattoo “False Prophet” across my forehead! After the boy had grown up, during a battle with cancer that former heroin addict was Born Again.

In the early 1970's, a friend was holding a prayer meeting in her home in Coral Gables. She was a very well educated single mom. She was Spirit Filled, and had the most beautiful gift I've ever heard, singing in other tongues. She was also the Executive Secretary to the County Commissioner, in Dade County, Florida. One of her children was a candidate applying to get into an exclusive school and was scheduled to be interviewed the next morning. She asked us all to pray. About a dozen strong, we formed a circle and held hands as we prayed.

When we finished the Spirit of the Lord came upon me. I was trying the Spirit to be sure it was the Lord. I asked this lady what her child's middle name was. It was exactly what the Spirit had told me. Then I told her what the Lord had revealed. The child would meet with the administrator who would be wearing a gray suit, salt & pepper hair, distinguished looking man. He would ask her a particular question and she was to give this answer.

The next day, I came home to an answer machine filled with hysterical phone messages screaming things like “the man looked exactly as you described”, “he asked that question”,it happened just like you said”,we were accepted”, etc.

I couldn't do that with my own abilities if my life depended on it. But when He does it, it will never be wrong, and it will never fail.

In the early 1980's, I was prompted by the Spirit to copyright a prophetic work I had compiled regarding what He had shown me about the future fall of the Soviet Union, and of the United States. This was at a time when many believed the USSR had a superior military fighting force than ours. Well the USSR fell, and some fear there exists a real possibility the USA could fall. Regardless of whether you believe the USA is or is not in Biblical prophecy, no one can argue that it is absolutely not a major military or economic power in prophecy.

In that work I referenced some key revelations I felt the Lord had given me such as: tactical nukes in attaché cases (today called "suitcase nukes"); that ICBM's were not our greatest security threat...rather it was a nuke loaded in a cargo van driven through some major city, or past the White House or the Capital Building. I warned of our porous borders; that domestic terrorists were already here (early 1980's); I wrote that our most imminent danger was someone loading a 'Ryder truck' with explosives and detonating it near a government installation or office building”.

That was copyrighted in late 1983 or early 1984, about twelve years before the Oklahoma City Bombing. So that is documented.

Shortly after that, I had a vision of a large remote controlled hobby airplane with about a 12-14 foot wingspan, loaded with explosives being flown into the courthouse of a major city in the US. (Today they call these drones and they are available to consumers)

In the early 1980's, Reagan was president and "Star Wars" was the big conservative defense initiative. That’s what permeated the church. Any prophetic word that conflicted with President Reagan’s strategy was soundly rejected by the church, along with any crazy fool uttering such. America could never fall!

As I have said since the early 1970s, “…time is a prophet’s best friend, and a false prophet's worst nightmare….” Time will only vindicate the true prophets of God, and expose the false.

When the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred, I was shocked, and grieved that it had finally arrived; but I wasn't surprised.

When the turmoil arose over Election 2000 and the Florida voter issues, I received a series of prophetic words. I emailed them to all the major news outlets, the three major network anchors (Rather, Brokaw, Jennings), to several politicians in both parties, and to some ministers. This was also well documented.

In a nutshell, the Spirit warned against any candidate or branch of government stealing the election...that if anyone stole it, God would not bless that administration but would instead judge the nation for that.

When the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) stepped in, He told me to write an email “RE: God Is Watching!” And then just before the SCOTUS rendered its decision in Bush v. Gore (“BvG”) He had me write, “…if their decision is not...just we will get the wrong president...that man will get us into an unnecessary shooting war; a great financial recession that could teeter into a depression; and that policies will be set in motion and precedent established that a future administration will use as a basis to persecute the Church of Jesus Christ in our nation….”

Again, these were sent to those same journalists, network news anchors, members of Congress, and ministers...distributed broadly and...somebody besides me has a record of them somewhere!

What kind of fool would I be to make this stuff up?

Immediately after the “BvG decision another word came...but definitely prior to Bush taking office and I wrote “…if I were to describe in one word what I have seen for the next four years for our nation that word would be “TRAGEDY!”...if Christians had seen what I had seen, they would have prayed more, slandered less, and voted differently….” Again, this is documented before Bush took office.

If anyone doubts that the SCOTUS decision in “BvG” brought our nation under a curse, maybe the Lord will allow me to write a book or produce a video. I could systematically lay out all the facts that He has shown me. I spent a decade working in law firms engaged in corporate litigation. I would like to present all the evidence like a trial prosecution; and let the audience be the jury. Maybe someday the Lord will permit me to do something like that.

October 28, 2000, I had a prophetic dream regarding eight whirlwinds that would strike our nation. The first whirlwind and the interpretation that came at the time described a scenario very much like 9/11. That dream was documented and distributed to a few around ten months before 9/11. I hope the Lord will allow me to publish a volume with many of the words He has given me.

The Prophetic Dream in the summer of 2001, a month or so before 9/11 occurred. I was in a major city, everything seemed normal. People were buying and selling, eating and drinking, just normal busy city life. Then suddenly everyone heard a loud thump like a car crash multiplied a million times, followed by an explosion. Everyone looked up and saw that a jet liner had slammed into a skyscraper. But I was observing everything as if I were hovering over the city. Almost immediately following the sound of the crash and explosion, I heard a gasp that stretched from the east coast all the way to the west coast; as if the entire country simultaneously gasped. That gasp woke me up from the dream. To the best of my recollection, I believe I was in a cold sweat, very troubled, and visibly shaken.

When 9/11 occurred, I was shocked but not surprised. (If you heard my testimony and my experience with institutional apathy, you would know why)

Soon after 9/11, fear gripped our nation as we learned just how unprepared and vulnerable we were. I thought, if only they had listened to God’s warnings back in the early 1980’s, they would have had systems already in place to deal with these threats. How much of the death and destruction at Oklahoma City, and on 9/11 might have been avoided?

But how can one expect the government to listen to God's servant when God’s own church dismisses him as irrelevant, or worse as some rabble rousing nut job? We'll learn the answer to that question when we all face God at the judgment! Those who opposed me had better pray they were right in doing so. They will account for it in the regions beyond. They can confess 1 John 1:9 until they're blue in the face; they will account for impeding someone carrying out God's commission.

Scripture tells us God will do nothing without first revealing it to His prophets. But it also tells us what happens when He warns, and His people refuse to listen when His prophets speak; or worse, when they attack His prophets. That's the classical M/O of the “reversionist!

I truly would have preferred being wrong on these prophecies. I would have preferred legitimately being dubbed a false prophet, than for these things to have come to pass.

But considering 9/11, the unnecessary Iraq War, the Great recession, and the Patriot Act, and the fact that all this was written and distributed well before “W” ever took office, I’d say each of those prophetic words have been vindicated as TSL.

Then around 2002, there was the vision I named “The Bush Piñata” where President Bush was striking a pinata wildly, trying desperately to make something good to come out of it...all his cronies stood behind him cheering him on, but Secretary Colin Powell stood wringing his hands...guess what the pinata represented

The “Jonah Prophecy” was the warning about the coming judgment against church leaders for defiling the Bride of Christ with that antichrist spirit of politics. 

Then there was a warning of a coming judgment against those states who were opposing helping the poor and unemployed. A few weeks later came the 250+ tornadoes that in one day hit almost exclusively many republican controlled states who had withstood the aforementioned help to those in desperate need. I have heard no one acknowledge, much less decipher the rich prophetic meaning of these events. 

Then He warned that Rep. Eric Cantor’s district was at risk for judgment for his positions and actions affecting the poor and disadvantaged. Not long after came the earthquake that started in Eric Cantor’s district and traveled to DC and damaged the Washington Monument. 

The Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011…and so many other events. The Tsunami was a sort of probationary warning to the church in the USA. The way it ties together is frightening to those who have an ear to hear.

There are so many other prophecies that it would take an entire book to recount them all. Over the years, many were never written down and are lost until they’re presented as evidence at the judgment. But to the best of my knowledge they have all been 100% accurate, and not one failed!

Again, with all the critics I have;

only a fool would make such a claim

if it could be proven false.

If anyone ever challenges me on that, they’d better know what they are doing, and they’d better be right and correct. God has given me His directive in advance regarding what I am to do and say when a critic arises. It will either expose me as a false prophet, or vindicate me as His servant! If the critic is wrong, God will respond with something adverse that will never leave them for the remainder of their life. No one's prayer will help them.

Why I did not Share the Supernatural Signs, Photos, and Experiences

Thirty-two years ago

Sometimes people ask me, “why didn't you share these photos, and tell the people about these supernatural signs and experiences when you first came here?The obvious inference is that it would have enhanced my ministry here. That is probably correct. Had I exploited the sacred gifts, experiences, and signs God has given me, I probably could have avoided those 32-years of poverty, shame, and humiliation. But at what cost?

He did not give them to me to be merchandised. I should not be forced to choose between exploiting holy gifts, and poverty. No one should have to defile sacred things to get the church to do the right thing! What's the difference in that and prostitution?

God did not tell me I was allowed to make these things public, until recently. For me, it is better to be in obedience and endure the abject poverty, than to deliberately go out of His will in order to prosper. I can honestly say, there were times I thought of giving up; but never once was I tempted to exploit the signs, experiences, and photographs. Perhaps the following two part explanation will help.

First of all, the signs were for me, not for them. The “Burning Bush” was for Moses, not for Israel. Moses' “Hand” becoming leprous then being healed, Moses' “Rod” becoming a snake and again becoming a rod, and pouring water on the ground and it turning into "Blood", each were initially for Moses, not for Israel. Moses revealed these things to Israel much later, during the "Wilderness Experience". But they were initially given to Moses to help him believe enough to accept his commission from God; and to withstand when satan would test his faith to the extreme. Until recently, I was not given permission to share these experiences publicly.

Secondly, before I came here, the Lord gave me instructions on how I would know who has His Holy Spirit in them. He had placed His Spirit in me and confirmed that with supernatural signs. He did that for me, to confirm these things to me and in me. It was not for them, at that time.

He assured me that if they have His Holy Spirit in them, that Spirit will recognize who I am by the Spirit He placed in me. His Spirit will not repel His Spirit.

Those who know how the spirit operates understand what I'm saying here. This was demonstrated in Brother Branham's ministry, every time he ministered in the Spirit.

The Lord showed me if they repel me, never accept me, reject me, shun me, never allow me to get close, push me away, or any of those kinds of conduct, then His Holy Spirit is not in them; regardless of what they may claim, feel, or do.

That's another spirit in them that hates the Spirit He placed in me.

So that is how I'll know who they are, by how they respond to me; not by how they respond to seeing Him manifest supernatural signs through me. There's always a multitude ready to follow after the fishes and loaves. As throughout scripture, the signs were to be shown to the elect, in the wilderness.

Now I can just hear some critic arise, citing for example Paul's bitter dissension with Barnabas over Mark. I would say to Mr. or Mrs. Critic, remember in your current role that's all you are, is a critic. Contrary to what you may believe, the Holy Spirit did not prompt you with your criticism. He knows the truth. He's the One who revealed this to me. He's the One who confirmed it countless times with signs. Had “...the Spirit of Truth come....” to prompt you, that would have been to “ you into all truth....” My recommendation is to first get deliverance from all evils spirits, then seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and then ask “...the Comforter....”, and “...He will teach you all things....”

A few months after we moved here, the Lord gave me Ezekiel 33:30-33 as a pattern of what was to come. All these years later, He has vindicated me unquestionably as His servant, and as one of His prophets, just as promised. Over these three-plus decades, those verses He gave me in Ezekiel have unfolded like a blossom opens in spring. And just as that passage states, they “heard my words”, but would not do them; they made a “show of love”, but chased after covetousness; and I was to them as a “ of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument....” And just as He promised me, “...when this cometh to pass, (lo it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them....” As they always have, those things I have prophesied over this place, and these people, will come to pass. Woe unto them who have not repented in that day!

The purpose for sharing these supernatural signs and experiences is not to boast, but to testify of Him! These signs and experiences are not to celebritize me, but to magnify Him! He gave them, and continues to give them, to vindicate me as His servant. Further, it is to show yet another reason why I am willing to repeatedly follow Him into the lion's den; and why I've been willing to endure the decades of extreme adversity, abject poverty, insults, humiliation, and public shame. I love Him!

Sixty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by His power and marked me as "His Property" with "His Stigmata". Forty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by snatching me away ("Caught Away") and engulfing me into His glorious Shekinah Presence, and similar to the Mount of Transfiguration account. Twenty years ago, He gave me a conditional promise of my full ministry and confirmed it by the "Hands of Fire" sign, which remains to this day. He has made me know experientially that ALL power and authority is in Him; and that nothing and no one can stand in His presence; no demon, no principality, no angel, no disease, no military force, nor satan, and not even death can stand against Him! Everyone and everything is subject to Him! He’s been with me, even in me all my life! He has always delivered me! I am His property! He defends me extravagantly! Woe unto me if I preach not the gospel....


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