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The Train Trestle

When I was around twelve years old, an old man down the street took me fishing. His nickname was "Carolina". I've loved to fish since long before I ever started school. Carolina wanted to go fish on "The Trestle" as it was called around those parts. No one thought to tell me to watch out for the trains. The Trestle was smack in the middle of seven mile stretch of a 55 mile per hour speed zone.

The sky was clear, the fish were biting, and that was heaven on earth for me. Carolina found his sweet spot about mid-trestle. So he sat down, hung his feet over the side, and went to fishing. There was good sized bass that kept hitting my line and stealing my bait. So I was moving around between the bank and about a third of the way across the trestle; but not too close to Carolina. Then that bass stole my bait one time too many. That got the little Pentecostal boy angry. I told that bass, “I'll get me another 'minner' (minnow) and come back and get you!

The bait bucket was on the bank. When I turned to go get another minnow, I heard the blast of a freight train's horn. He was barreling down the track full speed. Before I could react he was right on me, less than a hundred yards away. I didn't know what to do. I was scared to jump into the water because it was full of hungry gators and cotton mouth mocasins. I knew if one got after me, the bank would be too steep to get away from it. I knew I couldn't outrun the train. I was too far from the bank to jump. It seemed I just froze. Then the train blasted the horn a second time, my heart was racing, and everything went from a blur to going dark. I came to myself laying on the bank, dazed and stunned. It felt like I jumped, and I think that's what I did. But I'm not certain that's what happened. The last thing I remember seeing before the blur and blackout, I was within ten feet of that speeding locomotive.

Bear in mind, all this happened in probably less than three or four seconds; yet my memory of it seems like it was happening in slow motion.

When the conductor blasted his horn the first time, Carolina said he looked up. But the poor man stuttered so badly he could hardly finish a sentence; so he couldn't even warn me. He was in his sixties and only had one lung. So he couldn't move fast, and he could only swim a few strokes without becoming exhausted. Worse, there were gators and mocasins everywhere. As I sat there on the bank, dazed, terrified, and helpless, my soul cried out to the Lord; watching that train fly past us at 55 miles per hour. I watched Carolina sitting on the trestle, holding on for dear life, leaning toward the water as far as he could without falling in, as his shirt tail flapped in the wind. The deafening roar alone of such a massive machine moving at that speed was enough to frighten the devil.

Now I make no claim or inference of any supernatural occurence that day. Being honest before God, I cannot say with absolute certainty what happened from when I left the trestle to when I came to myself on the bank. But I am certain there was divine intervention in whatever happened; and that it did save my life.

About two weeks later, a man and his son were fishing on The Trestle. Everything was reversed. They were positioned perfectly opposite of where Carolina and I were. The train was heading in the opposite direction. The son was my pastor's newspaper boy.

When the train came at them, the son did opposite what I did and tried to outrun the train. My pastor told me the impact was so great it knocked the boy's pockets inside out and knocked his shoes off his feet. His father stood helplessly watching as the tragedy unfolded. As I listened to my pastor tell me the story, I knew the Lord was showing me what a mighty deliverance He had wrought for me that day. He showed me that this had been what the devil had planned for me that day.

I would never try to mislead, exaggerate, or dramatize any story involving the things of God. I reverence Him too much for that. I will account to Him both here and at the judgment. I've heard testimonies where people claim God did something they know full well that man did; and that dishonors the Lord. He doesn't need our help or vindication, we need His. Besides, to so exaggerate something in the Name of the Lord, or claim that God did something that we realize some man almost certainly did, is wrong! It is a form of "taking the Name of the Lord Thy God in vain", and a direct violation of the Third Commandment. So when I claim a supernatural experience, or when I say the phrase "Thus Saith the Lord", I believe with all my heart I am correct; and it is based on diligent prayer, and decades of experiences that have never once failed! 

Again, only God knows what actually happened and how He saved me. My claims are: God delivered me that day from a certain death; satan has tried to kill me fifteen distinct times in my life, and this was one of his demonic attempts; every time he has tried to kill me, God has delivered me; that day on that railroad trestle, satan planned to kill me; and God did something divine to rescue me. Otherwise, I would have been killed, just like my pastor's newspaper boy was two weeks later killed. Those facts I do aver.



Why I did not Share the Supernatural Signs, Photos, and Experiences

Thirty-two years ago

Sometimes people ask me, “why didn't you share these photos, and tell the people about these supernatural signs and experiences when you first came here?The obvious inference is that it would have enhanced my ministry here. That is probably correct. Had I exploited the sacred gifts, experiences, and signs God has given me, I probably could have avoided those 32-years of poverty, shame, and humiliation. But at what cost?

He did not give them to me to be merchandised. I should not be forced to choose between exploiting holy gifts, and poverty. No one should have to defile sacred things to get the church to do the right thing! What's the difference in that and prostitution?

God did not tell me I was allowed to make these things public, until recently. For me, it is better to be in obedience and endure the abject poverty, than to deliberately go out of His will in order to prosper. I can honestly say, there were times I thought of giving up; but never once was I tempted to exploit the signs, experiences, and photographs. Perhaps the following two part explanation will help.

First of all, the signs were for me, not for them. The “Burning Bush” was for Moses, not for Israel. Moses' “Hand” becoming leprous then being healed, Moses' “Rod” becoming a snake and again becoming a rod, and pouring water on the ground and it turning into "Blood", each were initially for Moses, not for Israel. Moses revealed these things to Israel much later, during the "Wilderness Experience". But they were initially given to Moses to help him believe enough to accept his commission from God; and to withstand when satan would test his faith to the extreme. Until recently, I was not given permission to share these experiences publicly.

Secondly, before I came here, the Lord gave me instructions on how I would know who has His Holy Spirit in them. He had placed His Spirit in me and confirmed that with supernatural signs. He did that for me, to confirm these things to me and in me. It was not for them, at that time.

He assured me that if they have His Holy Spirit in them, that Spirit will recognize who I am by the Spirit He placed in me. His Spirit will not repel His Spirit.

Those who know how the spirit operates understand what I'm saying here. This was demonstrated in Brother Branham's ministry, every time he ministered in the Spirit.

The Lord showed me if they repel me, never accept me, reject me, shun me, never allow me to get close, push me away, or any of those kinds of conduct, then His Holy Spirit is not in them; regardless of what they may claim, feel, or do.

That's another spirit in them that hates the Spirit He placed in me.

So that is how I'll know who they are, by how they respond to me; not by how they respond to seeing Him manifest supernatural signs through me. There's always a multitude ready to follow after the fishes and loaves. As throughout scripture, the signs were to be shown to the elect, in the wilderness.

Now I can just hear some critic arise, citing for example Paul's bitter dissension with Barnabas over Mark. I would say to Mr. or Mrs. Critic, remember in your current role that's all you are, is a critic. Contrary to what you may believe, the Holy Spirit did not prompt you with your criticism. He knows the truth. He's the One who revealed this to me. He's the One who confirmed it countless times with signs. Had “...the Spirit of Truth come....” to prompt you, that would have been to “ you into all truth....” My recommendation is to first get deliverance from all evils spirits, then seek the infilling of the Holy Spirit, and then ask “...the Comforter....”, and “...He will teach you all things....”

A few months after we moved here, the Lord gave me Ezekiel 33:30-33 as a pattern of what was to come. All these years later, He has vindicated me unquestionably as His servant, and as one of His prophets, just as promised. Over these three-plus decades, those verses He gave me in Ezekiel have unfolded like a blossom opens in spring. And just as that passage states, they “heard my words”, but would not do them; they made a “show of love”, but chased after covetousness; and I was to them as a “ of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument....” And just as He promised me, “...when this cometh to pass, (lo it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them....” As they always have, those things I have prophesied over this place, and these people, will come to pass. Woe unto them who have not repented in that day!

The purpose for sharing these supernatural signs and experiences is not to boast, but to testify of Him! These signs and experiences are not to celebritize me, but to magnify Him! He gave them, and continues to give them, to vindicate me as His servant. Further, it is to show yet another reason why I am willing to repeatedly follow Him into the lion's den; and why I've been willing to endure the decades of extreme adversity, abject poverty, insults, humiliation, and public shame. I love Him!

Sixty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by His power and marked me as "His Property" with "His Stigmata". Forty years ago, He revealed Himself to me by snatching me away ("Caught Away") and engulfing me into His glorious Shekinah Presence, and similar to the Mount of Transfiguration account. Twenty years ago, He gave me a conditional promise of my full ministry and confirmed it by the "Hands of Fire" sign, which remains to this day. He has made me know experientially that ALL power and authority is in Him; and that nothing and no one can stand in His presence; no demon, no principality, no angel, no disease, no military force, nor satan, and not even death can stand against Him! Everyone and everything is subject to Him! He’s been with me, even in me all my life! He has always delivered me! I am His property! He defends me extravagantly! Woe unto me if I preach not the gospel....



- GERRY PHILLIPS - 1955-2015